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  1. Im not a big Zeppelin fan but you may like this http://www.dennyweb.com/viking_kittens.htm
  2. I never really rated him,I was more in the Beatles and Stones era,but I sat and watched the Hawaii concert the other night and thoroughly enjoyed it ,his stage charisma really stands out and I am beginning to understand the attraction he had and his following
  3. I very rarely see any Race fixation problems on the forum.....perhaps its all in your mind
  4. But instead of 6 points shes only got 3 I wouldnt mind betting that she already has points on her licence and the 6 points would wquite possibly took her to a ban
  5. Whats up with you all cant you read..Nodens is quite correct she has escaped punishment:- Quote from article:- The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) issued a summons accusing her of driving without due care and attention and driving while using a hand-held mobile phone. And But a second charge of driving while using a mobile phone was withdrawn, sparking outrage from road safety groups and MPs If she was driving while using a mobile phone then that brings in the driving without due care as a secondary charge,if they drop the mobile phone charge then surely the driving without due care charge becomes non-existent
  6. He wont get anything from lizzy,he has a sexual offence to his name
  7. Yes but is it just a piece of clothing or is there more significance to it ?
  8. He has a share in Wikki so he has to keep the "clicks" going
  9. So you agree that if when going into shops etc where it is requested, the women should remove the burkha as re hoodies etc..I'll go for that
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