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  1. I'm shocked and deeply saddened. How fragile and precious life is. Heartfelt condolences to family and friends. RIP Matey
  2. Wanted to update you all (the accident happened in Hampshire so no details in the Sheffield Star). The driver who pulled out of the junction thus causing the fatal accident was charged with 'driving without due care and attention' and was given the maximum penalty apparantly - 9 license points and £1,500 fine (reduced to £1,000 as a reward for pleading guilty). The other (second) driver involved (the one who failed to slow down) has not been charged due to 'lack of evidence'. So, the message from the courts is: do what the hell you like, kill who you like, deprive an 8 year old of a father - it'll only cost you £1k. Do I sound bitter? That's because I am, I am totally disgusted. To say the law is an Ass is being derogatory to the Ass:rant: :rant:
  3. I think little one was around 6 weeks old when we moved. I arranged for me and baby to stay at a friends house the night before the move and left it open to stay another night if necessary. We paid for the full removal service including packing and it was money well spent. Baby had an hospital appointment the day of the move so we were out of the way. It was a bit strange leaving everything to hubby and removal men, as I am a bit of a control freak with stuff like that, but it was fine. I made sure I'd prepared before hand to make sure all baby's things that were needed were with me. And by keeping out of the way we avoided all the stress. A dear friend cleaned my house as the furniture was being moved out and other friends helped for the first two days in the new place. Good luck, where are you moving to?
  4. I'm still breast-feeding for the most part but am gradually weaning my baby (he's 3 months) onto the bottle. I put boiled (still hot) water into one or two sterilised bottles and leave them on the side to cool. Then, when I need to make a bottle up I just add the required amount of powder formula, give it a shake, and feed little one with it at room temperature. I thought that was a good way of doing it rather than making the feed up and putting it in the fridge and then re-heating
  5. Awwww i've just moved from Woodhouse, and my little boy is 3 months old.
  6. I love cooking too. Haven't done as much over the last few years but now i've got more time i'd love to do more. My mum didn't teach me how to cook - my dad did Both hubby and I love cooking and we nearly always watch Saturday kitchen and usually get ideas for tea Saturday night. He doesn't like fish, which is a shame coz I love fish, and veg. One of the easiest recipes I came across many years ago is still a fave: Chicken and Tomato 1. Chicken portions (one for each person) - 'brown' in a frying pan then put in a casserole dish. 2. Open a tin of cream of tomato soup and pour over the chicken. 3. Chop an onion and sprinkle over the soup and chicken. 4. Put lid on casserole dish and put in a hot oven (medium heat) Gas 5? For around 50 mins. Check your chicken is cooked through properly before serving! It lovely served with jacket potatoes or pasta.
  7. No drinks allowed - Mount School, Thornes, Wakefield. 1980's - Feel free to check it out If I remember right (bearing in mind it was a long time ago) the reasoning at the time was that the children having school meals and those having packed lunches could have water provided in the dining area at lunchtime - was fair enough, nowt wrong with water.
  8. The model Asda (Handsworth) use is about the best i've seen. The disabled parking bays are closest to the store, wide enough for people to get in and out easily and near to the trolleys. They have a small selection of different trolley types as well as some 'motorised' things with baskets on the front. The parent and baby/toddler spaces are further away from the store, to one side so reducing the amount of roadway to cross and also wide enough to get baby/seat in and out of. They also have quite a lot of spaces NEARER TO THE STORE THAN THE PARENT & CHILD SPACES for the ultra-fit, sportscar driving type who just simply must park as near as possible to the door dhaaarling. As for internet ordering - love it, totally do, it's just a damn shame they don't do a 'small but urgent' delivery service where you can order just one or two items to be delivered the same day (usually needed within the hour)
  9. Hey Shiesh, remind me to call you when Hels Junior is ready for potty training
  10. Hiya, i've never heard of it, where are they based? What sort of ages do they cater for?
  11. Hiya Maidofhonour, welcome! Firstly, I've got a 3 month old little boy and it was 23 years since I had my daughter so I know exactly what you mean when you say things have changed! All the midwifes etc said "oh as this is your second you'll know all about it" but if feels as if i've forgotton everything. Anyway i'm sure your granddaughter is totally wondeful. As she's also 3 months old, I ca tell you a bit about what i've been doing and been told. Baby Liam is breast-fed for the most part but also has formula feed (4oz). He usually goes around 2 hours between feeds and this varies between 2-3 hours at night. So your granddaughter going 3 hours isn't too bad. Sometimes I feed Liam myself then half an hour later he has a full 4oz bottle. He also gets bad wind from time to time, I've got some infacol and that seems to do the trick, only had to use it a few times. As for weaning, the current advice is to wait until 6 months, though some little one's will dictate if they need it before then. I heard a Health Visitor say today to someone to wait until 5 months and then if she had to wean her little one it couldn't be helped...
  12. Things have obviously changed a lot over the years. When I was at Infant & Junior school, sweets and/or crisps weren't allowed at all on school premises. I remember when my daughter was at school NO drinks were allowed, not even water. I thought school meals were supposed to be there to ensure all children had access to a good quality cooked meal? Wasn't there a documentary or something a few years ago which showed that most children, if given the choice, would automatically select a well-balanced diet? I heard that the DfES were distributing a booklet to parents (via schools I think) giving ideas and menu suggestions for a healthy packed lunch. I've certainly not heard anything about 'banning' certain foods so I suspect it is a school based decision.
  13. Ooops sorry, posted before I'd finished (they obviously didn't give me any computer skills) I would like my little boy to say I gave him love and respect, and taught him how to give the same in return.
  14. Hmmm let me think ..... self-sufficiency and independence
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