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  1. I always wondered what happened to John Stafford. He and I used to be 'math wizards' at Carter Lodge around late 50's. I left the school in 1960 aged 15.
  2. My mother and father (Nellie & Jack Copeland) worked there for a number of years in the 50's and 60's. Dad was a fitter and turner, Mum worked in the office. I'd previously worked at Martins Dry Cleaners, Fitzalan Square but Mum and Dad thought I'd be better off working where they were. I found the work a bit boring as it was mainly paper work so after 12 months duty returned to my previous job at Martins. Dad got his 25 years service watch in 1970. He and Mum have since passed away - 1970's.
  3. I was born at 14 Keppel Road, February 1945. Don't remember much as my parents moved to Parson Cross when I was about 3 years old. Strangely, about this time (1945) I do remember the sky filled with dots and a droning sound. I can only put it down to a mass of airplanes going over Sheffield sometime mid 1945 - but then, I was only a few months old. Maybe I was hallucinating on Mothers milk There must have been a park nearby as my brothers and I used to ride on a small roundabout and get knocked around as we fell off. My eldest brother developed some sort of blood poisoning when he stood on a rusty old nail left in the park. As a bub I remember bouncing on Mum's fleecy covered bed spread, thinking I was in clouds. Also, I remember having nightmares of running out the front gate at night and onto the street naked. Funny how things can jog the memory 58 years later.
  4. Don't think this is the girl I dated. She lived about three-five doors down from the Pub near the bus terminus (Pub side). Where you are talking about, a little further up towards Birley, I dated a girl called Barbara Snowden - she lived on a street off Birley Spa Lane, can't remember the name. Now, she was drop-dead gorgeous!! I revisited England in 1972 and saw her working at the local butchery in Birley Spa Lane. At the time decided it wasn't appropriate to chat with her as I'd arrived in England with a newly wedded wife.
  5. Although not having lived in Gleadless, I did date a young lady called Caroline Hoskins from that area in the mid 60's. I lived with my parents at Birley Moor, not too far away. At the end of most dates I would often run to catch the last bus at a nearby park, usually missing it and having to walk home. We eventually got engaged and took a two week holiday to Italy - when overseas trips were cheap! But, our relationship didn't last and we went our seperate ways. I had a cousin living in Linley Lane. She was married to Dave Allen. Her name was Jean. I haven't had news of her whereabouts for almost 30 years now.
  6. I do remember taking out a girl next door to John Stafford. I think her name started with a G, maybe Gillian. She really made an impression on me Don't remember the Derwents.
  7. My name is Maurice Copeland and currently living in NSW Australia. I have some very fond memories of Hackenthorpe. Parents left New Parsons Cross on the other side of Sheffield and took me and my two brothers to live in Rainbow Avenue - actually, at the intersection with Carr Forge Road. We had a terrific time in winter sleding down Rainbow Avenue from Birley Spa Lane. We also used to play on the slag heaps not too far away at the back of the Avenue and muck around, getting well and truly black. Occasionally we'd walk beside the sewerage ponds, down towards 'Coisly Hill?'. I remember making friends with a girl called Sandra who lived a few doors up on the upper slope towards Birley Spa Lane. We went on a few excursions if my memory serves me well. Went to Carter Lodge Secondary from around 1957 to 1960 and during this time we did another house shift, this time to Delves Close. I remember very clearly having a fist-fight, one which I lost, with a friend called Tony ?? - he also lived in the Close. A school mate called John Stafford and I were close friends. He lived in Birley Spa Lane. Stayed there for a couple of years then parents up'd and went to live at Newstead Road, Birley Moor. I worked for Martins Dry Cleaners, Fitzallan Square for a few years as machine operator. In 1967, the adventurous spirit took over and I headed off for a new life in Melbourne, Australia. If anyone knows me and would like to make contact, my email address domino_1945@hotmail.com
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