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  1. Sorry but I think the gritters have done a great job up to now our rd was grittd an hr ago but has a layer of snow on it already because no ones driving on it like someone previously pointed out...
  2. Personally I wouldnt bother ! £100 car rent £75 - £98 radio rent £100 average for fuel £40 - £80 insurance a week = £315 to earn before you earn anything and on an average 50 hr week you would be lucky to earn £4hr for yourself !
  3. Excel taxis charge £3.50 first mile and are sheffield based and licenced by sheffield city council so the leaflet for the rotherham firm is wrong !
  4. Cheers lilly sorted I think emailed ann last night and hopefully if everything goes ok should have a baby middle of next month :-)
  5. Thanks for the advice to be honest I think it wouldnt be fair to get a rat as my son is at his dads a couple of nights a week so wouldnt get enough company I will defo get one from a breeder dont like seeing any animal in pet shops to be honest if anyone could pm me any contact details it would be appreciated.
  6. My 11 year old wants a hamster and we have agreed to it we have been to jolleys today and they have advised that dwarf hamsters are friendlier than normal ones but on doing a bit of googling it seems its more likely the other way round any advice welcome also where is the best place to buy one from ?
  7. Because they pass over the roof or occasionally sunbathe on it i guess but there are loads of other cats pass by too and squirrels i don't want to fall out with my neighbour but i can't see how it can be proved and the insurance company will prob have a good laugh. As for using it as a litter tray they have soft woodlit litter trays in the house
  8. i just think if he hasn't actually seen them scratching it (not saying that they havent) where's the proof apart from seeing them laid sunbathing ? they don't do any damage in the house (scratch carpets or the furniture) i cant see why they would want to scratch the asphelt roof ? the only thing is its where they lay that the bold patches are so he's pressuming thats whats happened Is there anything i can get to deter them from laying on there ?
  9. Our neighbour has recently had a new asphelt roof put on his garage which is next to our kitchen extention so the cats do jump on and off his roof onto ours and sometimes lay and sunbathe on his roof when the weather is nice. He has took pictures of the roof and said that because it has got warm in the sun the tar has melted and the cats have scratched off the shingles and says it has cancelled out his warranty on the roof. I have insurance for the cats and am going to get advice on wether or not it covers his roof but surely they will want proof that it was one of my cats thats done this ? Any advice on what you would do in this situation. ?
  10. She's recovering slowly! Deaf in one ear and may not ever get to close her eye again as nerves have been damaged. Back to vets wednesday for a check up x She was shot with an air rifle or airgun. And i don't care wot some peoples opinion is no one deserves their family pet to be shot for the fun of it !!
  11. So if she's crapped on someones garden its ok to shoot her?? And if she was passing someones house minding her own business its not?? Well she's paid the price either way so someone will be happy !!
  12. Nope its not that one, he's one of my boys its my female cat that got shot she was a ferral cat from cats protection who has just started to settle down after 2 years she had a bad start in life and now its not much better for her...
  13. I understand that people don't like cats but shooting them with an air rifle and leaving them in agony is sick i don't think she will recover fully she may still have to be put to sleep.
  14. A warning to cat owners around the skelwith road area! My cat was shot on tuesday teatime with an air rifle luckily she has survived but had to have surgery to remove the pellett from her cheek and has a damaged ear and may loose her eye as her nerves are damaged. I have come to the conclusion that its the same person that shot and killed one of my other cats back in october in the back of the neck leaving her paralised and had to be put to sleep. I can't understand what pleasure people get out of this because all they do is cause heartache to pet owners.
  15. Its not as easy as you think to keep them clean my other halfs a taxi driver and u can spend a good hour getting it gleaming then it rains and it comes back a few hours later just as bad as it were before it was washed perhaps if it stopped raining it would help oh and the dirty tramps that let there kids put there feet all over back seats etc dont help on the interior side either !!
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