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  1. varied but mornings could be 6am, evenings latest would be 9pm with very odd occasion middle of night.
  2. Worked in Stocksbridge for 3 years and worked in Manchester for a year, travelled the bypass every day morning and night, never saw a thing.
  3. Saw 1 outside Shell garage in Handsworth and at least 3 in space of 100 yds in Attercliffe yesterday, first ones i'd seen but then again don't venture into Sheff much these days.
  4. Are you doing tests over Wifi or connected into the router via cable. I can be in same room and Wifi gives 50m, in another room upto 160m but direct cable connected sometimes just over 200m. On a Virgin Hub 3.0 you can check what speed you are configured for, not sure how you check on older hubs. Log into the hub (if you haven't changed your password it's on the card under the Hub) Go to Advanced settings ->Tools -> Network status On the right hand side of the screen you'll see Configuration , click that look for Primary Downstream Service Flow / Max traffic rate
  5. seen PED 4L around Aston and OL15 AMG on an AMG I assume is owned by an Oliver
  6. H Harold & Son on Shalesmoor had the cable I needed, very helpful and good pricing beating anything i'd found on the internet.
  7. They only do internal grade cable, Thats not external grade cable. I have a few local companies phone numbers to give a try tomorrow, if I have any luck with them i'll post them up for anyone else looking for same. Basically I've had Virgin Media installed, house is full of wifi deadspots where wifi extenders can't help. Powerline extenders only give about 30MB because it's crossing ring mains so the only option left is to run external cables to the rooms that need it (laminate floors and different floors mean can't run under carpet)
  8. Thanks, I'm after Cat6, both appear to sell cat5e and expensive at that.
  9. Same question but need external grade cable, ideally locally so I can check it before buying - lots of copper coated aluminum fake stuff being touted on ebay and the likes which isn't good enough quality. Anybody know of such a place ?
  10. It's basically shelves to sit on top of a desk, so need triangle shapes cutting out of a 2400mm * 610mm sheet
  11. Dose anybody know where I can buy some MFC board and have it cut there and then but at 45 degree angle, have tried Arnold Laver and Hills Panels but they only do 90 degree.
  12. Dailymail says it woz aliens http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3820675/I-m-not-saying-aliens-aliens-Two-mysterious-white-lights-spotted-circling-sky-synchronised-pattern-Derbyshire.html
  13. If you fancy installing your own or getting doors cheap and find your own joiner, can't recommend these enough - https://slidingdoorclearance.com/ They are the clearance arm of Home Decor (woodhouse mill), they are based just off junc 29a of the M1 at Chesterfield. Basically the doors are either cancelled orders or wrongly measured orders. They have the basic 'economy' range doors you see in B&Q and also the designer type again at B&Q that retail at £300+ per door. At the time they were knocking all doors out at £40 and that included the track, looking today they charge £40 per door then £10 for the trackset, still a bargain. The warehouse is packed out with doors, basically turn up, look around, pick your doors and pay. To buy the doors and trackset at retail prices would have cost me around £6k I bought 19 doors at the end of last year to fit out 3 bedrooms , total cost - £760!
  14. The broker you use doesn't actually finance the vehicle - thats how ! In my case I've got a Ford via a broker. The actual finance is from ALD Automotive, which if you look on Fords website is who Ford use for business leasing. http://www.ford.co.uk/BuyingandprotectingyourFord/Ford-for-Business/Ford-Lease So basically they get to purchase cars at very cheap prices due to bulk buying power and you get cheap leasing which is usually much lower than you get in your local Ford dealer. I think ALD also do same for Vauxhall. Alphabet (BMW Owned) are also another large finance place that a lot of the brokers put their business through for the same reasons.
  15. http://www.contracthireandleasing.co.uk - search out deals on there for personal leasing then contact a few direct, often you'll find they have better deals available. Think Merc have a 'sale' on this month, seen some good offers. Try claris-vs.com and wessexfleet.co.uk - had good deals from them before.
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