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  1. Does anyone feel particularly let down by their accent? I'm not talking specifically Sheffield - I mean any at all. I wouldn't define mine as strong but it's obviously Sheffield or thereabouts. Anyway, I was talking to my boss about an awards do in a posh hotel in London and he commented that another colleague from Sussex would be more likely to fit in than I would due to the way that we both speak. I THINK he was only joking but it does make me think that I could be losing out on all kinds of opportunities... It's not exactly a big deal but I just wondered if anyone felt that their careers had been affected by their accent or it didn't make a difference?
  2. Because you step on to a bus and 'climb' in to a car? Just a guess
  3. I sympathise with the OP on this one. It was a bad choice to make and a series of unfortunate events followed. The lack of common sense in these places is appalling and I sincerely hope that those who are genuinely slating him for helping out a needy relative never find themselves sat in the hell hole that is the Jobcentre! People make mistakes, misjudge situations and s*** happens and I'm damn sure that you lot have made your fair share in your time too. It's hard enough having to be in the position to have to sign on in the first place without fools who wouldn't have jobs if it wasn't for these places existing in the first place, to tell you that you can't have your money when you are genuinely trying to find work and need it to live on.
  4. Hi Lily, why not find a picture of the style you want and just take it to a good/your usual hairdressers? I'm loving the side bun that some of the celebrities had at the Oscars, you could have a flower in that?
  5. I also had to do this. I've had mine in for nearly three years and absolutely no problems at all so they do work well for some people. I'll be having a new one put in straight after this one comes out! Hope this helps! x
  6. In response to the first post - I hope EMA does stop. I've spoken about this before - I never received it at college, even though friends did. Just because your parents earn over the set amount (30k I think it was at the time when I was at college 9 years ago) doesn't mean that they are necessarily going to share the wealth so to speak. In my opinion it's ludicrous to pay a teenager £10 - £30 as a reward for doing a full week at college. If you can't do it without a cash incentive then where's the hope?! There's nothing to stop you getting a part time job or weekend job as I and many others had/have to do. I'm sorry if this offends anyone but this is one thing that winds me up.
  7. I haven't seen this specific one but I have seen various others around. My parents neighbour flies a variety of different flags which I'm told has something to do with the Grand Prix (I don't know why though). He's been doing this for about 15 years and to my knowledge no one has objected.
  8. Ok then you win, I'm indecisive and close minded. Plus it's Friday afternoon and I want to go home.
  9. If someone gave me hard proof that they did or didn't exist then I would accept it, given the evidence was outstanding and there was no question of a doubt. Just because the odds aren't even in your eyes doesn't mean that they aren't even to me. I respect your view but without you actually proving to me that someone who thought they saw a ghost was in fact suffering from some kind of psychosis, it doesn't really influence what I think. I don't see how that isn't being open minded?
  10. But take for example death. Surely it's more scary to believe that once you die it's just nothingness? Now I'm not saying I believe in heaven nor am I trying to turn this into a religious debate, but to me the concept of just nothing when you die is very frightening. I like to think that there's *something* after? As with ghosts, I would like the opportunity, should it arise after I die, to come back and visit loved ones. Or alternatively haunt anyone that's majorly p*d me off!
  11. Hehe, very true. I reserve judgement on things such as ghosts as they could be dreams, tricks of the light etc. but just as easily they could be real. I think I'm what some people might call open minded...
  12. I believe that you should have the right to believe in whatever you like without being ridiculed! Seriously though, I don't understand why it winds people up so much if they believe in supernatural things? So what if someone thinks that crystals heal? I personally don't, but I'm not going to make a point of hijacking someone's thread just to say so. I don't see why people have to "contribute" if they don't have anything interesting / helpful to say. Right, I'm off for a pint with my unicorn.
  13. I got made redundant last year, I managed to find a new job a couple of months later, but I had to take quite a pay cut. I was saving up to go travelling, but there's not a chance in hell of that now. I know I'm lucky to have a job compared to many still out of work though. Also, my boyfriend had to take a 20% pay cut for a few months, which was a bit of a struggle due to mortgage payments etc. It was also a bit of a kick in the teeth to find out that some people in the office had not even taken the cut!
  14. Hed PE gig tonight at corporation... I'd only advise it if you like offensive rap metal though! I love them, this will be the third time I've seen them play!
  15. I managed to buy some from Alan Paul (I think that's what it was called?) they cost £99 so it wasn't too bad! Plus I got a free heat proof bag case with them too. Sorted! Thanks to everyone who replied :-)
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