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  1. Hi. Can I ask would Treeton be a good place for a Asian family to live in. I’ve been getting views that it might not be. I’m of Asian background and people from Sheffield are telling me that I will not be welcome there. I didn’t know that these types of places exist which has been shocking to me. They said it has only one percent of Asian people living there and the Indian takeaway was vandalised a few times. Is this really the case. I have seen a house on station road opposite the church which would be ideal for my family. I don’t want to write a complete village off because of a few opinions. So Any honest advice would be great. Thanks.
  2. Evening all. So can anyone please help and give me an honest opinion about the area Treeton Rotheram. I have found a house which could be ideal for my family. I am not from the area at all and do not know what Rotheram is like. I have a few friends and family in Sheffield who have warned me that Treeton is a no go place for people of Asian heritage. When one friend said it I thought they were exaggerating but then someone else and then another. Why would they have this opinion. The house is on station road near a lovely church. I really do not know what to do for the best. Can anyone help me out please.
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