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  1. Not will not, we simply cannot. There are no costs in small claims and not many people will work for free. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  2. That's not true though is it. A great deal of law comes from the 30s and before. Donaghue v Stephenson, one of the first cases lawyers learn regarding negligence dates from 1932. That relates to someone finding a snail in a beer bottle. Claiming damages isn't new at all despite the press impression. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  3. No worries. I'll not bore you with the law but you will need photos of it. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  4. Send me a picture of the hole and I'll tell you whether you should give it a go. (I'm a PI lawyer, not just odd and curious). Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  5. My downstairs one's doing the same thing. I've noticed that there's a little flappy plastic re-fill pipe, which if you hold it out the water, it fills up fine. I'm considering cutting the little thing off to see if that helps.
  6. I think we've found a troll. Hey my cats just laid an egg. It's brown, in their litter tray and smells bad, but it must be an egg. Just off to get the rabbit to work - it's ploughing the local field. The guinuea pigs are sat on it's back directing.
  7. You can't really beat a good, misinformed generalisation. So, my client who was hit by a drunk motorist and lost both his legs should be ashamed of himself. My client whose wife was killed in an accident at work caused by a complete failure to maintain a walkway should be ashamed of himself. Talking of children, my client who's 5 year old child was paralysed due to a broken cervical vertebrae, caused by a playground climbing frame collapsing underneath her due to total lack of maintenance should be ashamed of themselves. Of course!!! Please think before you type. Yes, some claims are pointless, and those generally fail. There are millions of people who deserve to be compensated due to other people's stupidity and negligence. Please don't confuse the two, and don't believe everything you read in the press about the "compensation culture". Thanks.
  8. Tried searching for "shirt" and it only gave me three choices, none of which were appropriate. Strange board
  9. Any t-shirt companies that people can recommend in Sheffield. Only want a small order of a few for an event - nothing major - just wanted somewhere reliable and quick that can either print on t-shirts we supply, or supply their own. Just text really. Thanks
  10. I do indeed. Its 500mb webspace and 20gb traffic per month, with database access, and everything else I needed. They even installed the phpBB for me in one click of a button. It is very cheap I agree. Ive been very happy with them.
  11. Yep phpBB - same thing. Well technically php is an extension, but hey lets not get technical The forum I mention is so active its actually quite scary. In all honesty, and nothing against this forum, but the Derren Brown one is much more active than this one. I also prefer the layout of phpBB (I feel a ban coming on!! ) I can think of loads that are on phpBB as well. I use it personally, and its so easy to set up. As for my web hosting - Dataflame have always been excellent for me. Plenty of space, 24/7 support, good bandwidth, free stuff, and Ive never ever had a problem with reliability. While Im praising companies - pipex broadband. Simply the best.
  12. One of the forums I use regularly has over 2000 users on PHP and is fine. Check out Derren Brown's forum (http://www.derrenbrownforum.com) - that has loads of users and no problems. Webspace that I use is £2.50 a month with lots of free space and bandwidth - http://www.dataflame.co.uk.
  13. Php is free. Webspace is £3 a month. Sorted.
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