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  1. That's not quite right - lower charges are £50 reduced to £25 for 14 days, higher charges are £70 reduced to £35 for 14 days. This is for Council tickets on street and in Council controlled car parks - private car parks may be different.
  2. CrazyWomble

    Jessica Ennis MEGATHREAD

    Agreed, but a name change, along with the associated publicity could be the first step. It certainly won't hurt.
  3. CrazyWomble

    Jessica Ennis MEGATHREAD

    I think you probably know what I mean, but for the sake of clarity - to face towards improvement rather than decline.
  4. CrazyWomble

    Jessica Ennis MEGATHREAD

    I've seen it, many times, and i'd still be proud to have it named after me if I had just won Olympic gold and it was the place that I started in athletics. As I said before, a new name may be the boost that DVS needs to turn it around.
  5. CrazyWomble

    Jessica Ennis MEGATHREAD

    Why not DVS? It was the place that she started in athletics, where she competed in her first events and, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that she's the first athlete from there to win Olympic gold. I think it's entirely appropriate to name an athletics stadium after her, just as Rebecca Adlington's local pool was renamed after Beijing. As for the state of DVS, a new name may bring some much needed publicity and investment.
  6. I bought a tub of this from Bradfield Farmer's market last weekend. I can't remember if it was Bakewell Tart or Bakewell Pud but I'm assuming they are the same flavour.
  7. Why not? Shouldn't the people who provide the most essential services in society be rewarded appropriately? Don't you want the best qualified people in charge of protecting vulnerable people, educating our children and keeping our streets safe and clean? I'm sure you will answer by saying that the current CEX has failed at all these aims (which incidently I do not agree with) but cutting public service pay, even for the top earners, is not going to improve services.
  8. Yes, but the PM's job is to make political decisions. Its the civil servants' job to implement these decisions. In councils, it is the leader's job to make the political decisions and the CEX's (and his staff) job to implement them. Comparing a political position with an executive one is not a fair comparison.
  9. That's not a fair comparison. A council CEX is responsible for the day to day running of the services provided. Prime Minister is a political position and although he undoubtably has a very responsible, stressful job he is not responsible for the day to day running of the country. This is left to the non-elected civil servants in the various government departments, the most senior of which get paid a lot more that the PM or any local authority CEX. If you want to compare the PM's salary to a local equivilant it should be the leader of the council - he makes the politcal decisions, is responsible to the voters and is the 'public face' of the council and, quite rightly, gets paid a lot less that the PM.
  10. This is incorrect. Parking Services is self funding so doesn't need to take any money from central government or council tax. In fact they generate a surplus that is invested back into highway maintenance. See p30 of the annual report.
  11. Where do their wages come from then?
  12. I didn't say that penalty charges are directly related to pay in the way that you are suggesting. Parking Services staff are paid from the Parking Services income which is largely made up of income from parking tickets. If the council abandonded parking enforcement, there would not be extra money for other council services as the OP suggests.
  13. Pretty certain. You said they were 'going round the city centre' - therefore they must have been moving. You also said they 'kept stopping' - I assume you saw them stop more than once. I cannot envisage a scenario where you could have seen them driving and stopping more than once if you yourself were not moving, stopping, waiting for them to finish and moving on again.
  14. Their wages are paid from the income from parking tickets so if they were not employed there would not be any money for potholes, youth centres etc. If you were watching them for 10 minutes and the van kept parking up then waiting while one of them issued a ticket, does this mean that you were following them? Worrying.
  15. No, there is no free parking provided by the Council on NYE. It's not a bank holiday and the free Christmas parking offer ended on Christmas Eve.

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