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  1. Currently I'm holding off on applying for service dog status as I don't feel Harley's ready. He's still an excitable puppy at heart even though he's now much calmer around other dogs and people he doesn't know. He's still doing a great job for me and thankfully I've managed to substantially reduce the number of hypos I'm having (funny how that coincided with the court case ending and the stress disappearing isn't it?). At the end of the day they HAVE to change the rules somehow, either by forbidding pets across the board or by allowing animals which are not a nuisance to the neighbours. Not changing the rules and continuing with their policy of discrimination should not be acceptable in this day and age.
  2. It's over, Harley is being allowed to stay. Sheffield Homes is now reviewing it's policy towards pets as it is quite frankly discrimination in it's current form as tennants ARE allowed pets. Anything except cats and dogs without consent and with written consent from the rest of the block cats and dogs may be kept in blocks with 10 or less flats per block. They don't currently extend this clause to leaseholders. An out of court settlement was reached in this case and a court order signed stating that Harley would be kept under control at all times (he always was anyway) and no other animals would be kept. This court order applies for 2 years. I hope they do review their rules as I can't stand discrimination in any form however I was willing to accept their conditions as it got me what I needed and I couldn't afford to continue challenging them over their blatant discrimination against those who have bought their property from Sheffield Homes. So good news, and hopefully more good news to come.
  3. I'm only quoting what they emailed to me when I asked, and I mentioned that Harley was a 2 year old Lab. If that's wrong then it's because they told me wrong. If anyone else has had lower quotes them I can't help but wonder why I got quoted such a large amount.
  4. Mummysaz, Doing it through People & Dogs (only one within travelling distance for me) will cost me £52 per level and £28 per private lesson (needs a few of these so I can get some ideas on how to keep him calm when he sees other dogs). So that's 4 stages of KC qualifications totaling just over £200 and about 10 private lessons (estimated time it will take to solve the problem of his hyper-overexcitedness). That's pretty much £500. I've got to weigh up how much time I can give to travelling, distance & how I can fit it in around work & childcare. Believe me, I wish I could take advantage of a cheaper option however the cheaper options don't fit in around my other commitments.
  5. Thanks guys. I'm at 89 signatures at the moment. Keep 'em coming. Maybe, just maybe, we can them to review the rules and allow tennants to keep well behaved dogs (especially if there is a genuine reason why the dog is needed). I can understand there would be an issue if a dog was causing a nuisance but as long as no-one is being bothered by the dog and it is not aggressive or noisy then what is the problem really?
  6. Please keep the signatures coming guys, I need 500 as a bare minimum... http://www.gopetition.com/petition/42825.html
  7. Here's a thought, if Sheffield Homes wins in this case they will have to enforce this rule on every single pet owner in their accomodation in the city. The rescues are already overloaded... What then? Are all these animals (thousands of them) to be put down? I can imagine that causing a National outcry as aren't we a nation of animal lovers after all?
  8. Can you guys sign this for me once it's up and working? http://www.gopetition.com/petition/42825.html Many thanks.
  9. Didn't see it but I heard about it. She was one of the first to be given a fully trained Hypo Alert Dog from what I can gather. Trained by the same charity who will do Harley's formal training once he has his Kennel Club Good Citizen awards. I need this to be over so I can move on with things, I feel like a rabbit caught in the headlights, until this is over I can't focus on anything else, even Harley's training is suffering because if I lose then it will all have been for nothing so I feel like I can't keep it up until I know one way or another what the future is going to hold for us.
  10. http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/sheffield/hi/people_and_places/newsid_9382000/9382570.stm for those who are interested and missed it on Look North earlier today.
  11. The story has now gained interest nationally, Radio 5 Live wants me on their breakfast show on monday. Look North are also broadcasting it on Monday evening.
  12. Thanks Gina, to be honest it really is ridiculous. It's not like Harley realises he hasn't got a fancy jacket and certificate and it certainly isn't like he helps me less for not having one. He will gte the full training eventually, I've said that from the start, I just have to finish his basic training first and get him his Kennel Club Good Citizen awards.
  13. I found it, doesn't seem to have the full letter though. Someone's commented on it however what they've put is blatantly wrong. You only get told the pets policy if either the seller, your solicitor or the estate agent covers it. Otherwise you have to read the full Lease document (and how many people really do that?). When it comes down to it if I'd lost my sight and been given a Guide Dog we wouldn't be in this situation. Why is Harley different? He doesn't help me see, he helps me survive.
  14. No, didn't know I think it'll be online too though won't it? I've got another update for you guys though... It'll be covered on Look North on Friday evening.
  15. I'll give it some thought. For anyone interested I'll be on Radio Sheffield at around 7:45am tomorrow.
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