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  1. Can any one help me I have broken one of the mirrors to my triple folding dressing table mirror, and I would like to get it replaced. Can anyone tell me where to go to have the mirror replaced please
  2. Hi everyone This question has been asked a million times before, I have read through the long lists of venues for hire, but I need to still ask:- 50th surprise birthday party for over 150 people, maybe use there caterers, I can also use my own DJ, and won't be stupidly over priced. Please give me any suggestions all will be welcome. Thanks
  3. Hi I have an old single quilt, 2 single memory foam toppers and a couple of pillow, do animal charities use these? If so I can wash and dry them for them to use. If not I need to know asap because I will be taking the to the tip today. Thanks X
  4. Ooo cheers guys I think I have a few places to visit now, think I'll keep away from Menzels tho lol
  5. Haven't been on eccy road for about a year, What good pubs are open on eccy road with a good atmosphere. What's pointing dog, nonnas like now? Further down the road I heard Menzels had shut but now reopened is it worth going in there?
  6. My dad worked there for many many years but sadly he died from cancer back in 2003 aged 64 his name was roger Brough and he was a fitter, he spoke quiet a lot about the laughs he had and the great people he worked with. Can anyone tell me if there has only been one club on archer road, back in the eighties?
  7. Hi all I have a few boxes of cat/kitten food pouches that I no longer need, and was wondering if anyone would be interested in me donating them to them, I don't want to give them away to anyone as I feel small rescues would benefit from them more. Please contact me and I would be more than happy to drop them off.
  8. Hi everyone My son will be coming up 13 yrs and for space we want to get him an all in one PC, he plays online games through stream, runescape and minecraft etc I need to know which would be the best all in one PC to buy him. Cheers all advice welcome
  9. Thank you for the advice It just annoys me that someone with nothing to gain can give good advice, but the qualified people have not offered any help what so ever, as long as my money is handed over there happy. I am at the moment more wise to the treatments out there but I'm still paying my vets to prescribe the treatments I have found and I still have to pay a consultation fee! Why they've not consulted me over anything I am the one who will be telling them!!!!
  10. I hope she does, she has that many allergies that I don't think normal vets know how to deal with her because most of the medicine, shampoos and food etc that they would prescribe she can not have, even though every vet has been very nice they don't know what to do with her so have basically left me to try and sort her out. Maybe if she would of been insured (another story completely) I think every vet would of bent over backwards to help her and I think she would be sorted by now, I have stressed to them the money is no object, I've spent nearly a thousand now on treatment etc so to spend that in one go its worth it. It's just her suffering now it's heartbreaking
  11. My story started 2 and half years ago....... My dog daisy started with a skin condition when she was less than 6 months old, I took her to the vets, she was put on piriton, this didn't work, continued to go back to the vets only to be given steroids but no advice or help. One Saturday she started with a really bad outbreak but my vets could not see her, so I took her to another vets, they immediately put her on steroids again but suggested we did blood tests to see what she is allergic too, the results came back and I was pretty much left to my own devices on how I deal with it. Once again I found myself returning to my original vets, but steroids were the given treatment, they were aware that I it was not my choice and after 3 years what can I do, nothing they said. I have taken it upon myself in finding a specialist dermatologist but had to get my vets to refer her which they have done, the only problem is this was last week and they didn't have an appointment until 2 weeks later, she was already having a really bad flare up, so the specialist vets told me to get my vets to prescribe her some non steroid treatment, and guess what they prescribed? Piriton coated in lactose which they know it is one of many things she is allergic to, so I have a poor dog that is so irritated and sore and her life is a misery I am not getting any sleep and she is told all the time about her scratching and rubbing. My point is when did majority of vets become so uncaring and do not want to help animals that are clearly in need of help, but one of the main questions asked to me throughout all of this is can I afford the treatment!!!!!!
  12. If your partner is claiming both housing and council tax credit you are not allowed to stay there after a certain time of night, this is because it could be seen as you sleeping there, a good number of years ago the ruling changed because couples thought it was ok to have 2 houses both on benefits and stay at each others houses several nights a week. If his neighbours don't care apart from you mentioning it here who is going to know???
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