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  1. Misterf

    Lowedges - how is it?

    As estates go, Lowedges is not bad. The part I know (round Atlantic Way) is quiet and friendly. It's not too far from Greenhill shops etc as well.
  2. Misterf

    Strange man waving a flag

    Maybe he could. Strange way to do it mind.
  3. Did anyone out there witness a man in costume stood on a rock at the side of the A6187 Friday morning at around 08:15? I was driving up the road towards Surprise view (just past the car park on the right), and witnessed a guy (to my left) who looked to be dressed like a medieval Knight stood on a big rock and was holding a big red flag. The sun was rising in the background, with mist dotted around. He was stood still, maybe posing for a photo, and looked superb in the setting. By the way, I was not on acid and it was not a ghost.
  4. I was just wondering if anyone saw him as we are worried for him (I think it was a him)
  5. We were driving in the other direction and couldnt turn back straight away, so had to drive on further. We assumed that one of the many cars heading for him stopped as soon as they saw him. Calling the police was all we could think of at that moment.
  6. Maybe they had died, and yes I am being quick to judge. But chances are they are simply bad parents.
  7. I was driving back from Meadowhall yesterday evening at approx. 7:40 pm, heading up Prince of Wales Road, and nearing the junction with City Road. We spotted on the other side of the carriageway (I think it was near the end of Queen Mary Road) a toddler of around 2 years old wandering out onto the carriageway, completely unattended. We flashed the cars heading towards him and pulled over and rang the police. We could not believe how irresponsible some parents can be...how could you ever allow a 2 year old to wander off onto a dual carriageway? What's wrong with people? Does anybody know if the toddlers okay?
  8. Your mortgage advisor may be busy, but I would not want to be in his/her shoes at the moment. There are better deals to be had where the advisors have been cut out and you deal directly with the bank. They have had it good for a long time and the tide has now turned....
  9. It's good to see some people trying to see the positives out of this recession, but for those people who think that they will not be effected they are being short-sighted. It will effect us all in the long run, unemployment up, lower tax receipts and in turn less public spending, the list goes on. Lets hope todays 1% base rate cut helps someway. I still think house prices have a fair way to go though...
  10. Misterf

    Have I got a virus or trojan?

    I use Kaspersky and find it is great value and does it's job well. If it picks up something it cant delete I do some investigations by typing the virus or Malaware name into Google which usually comes up with a fix
  11. Misterf

    Is Sheffield Safe to go out?

    Even on West Street though, it may be a bit rowdy, but I don't think it's particularly dodgy. As Starquake says, its there if you want it, but I think otherwise you should be alright. I have seen a lot worse in small towns on a weekend and also the likes of Manchester and Leeds
  12. I agree that the market will see a much needed correction which will hit us all (unless you are a first time buyer). Hopefully the base rate will drop again soon which will help start things again, its just the fact that the banks are not passing these cuts on...
  13. I for one think that Sheffield centre is a relatively safe place to go out in. I have only seen a couple of fights in bars over the years and don't know anybody who has been mugged. Compared to othercities/places I dont think we do to badly
  14. Misterf

    The Grand Potato, London/Abbeydale Rd

    ...It probably has peanut butter and pastrami in it!
  15. Well watching the news tonight, it looks like the Government might start forcing the banks into lending sooner rather than later. You cant blame them for hoarding their cash though I guess

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