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  1. hi ian i am shirleys cousin .i am the youngest of violets children i have two sisters pam and chris your mother in law will remember us i would think .the photo you mension is grandma and grandad ives and you can certainly have a copy
  2. today i was leaving the culdesac at the end of lowedges rd by the firestation, when i noticed two workmen from a kia van measuring the gap onto the field behind the fire station which i presume was to fence it off. Anyone who takes this shortcut to bradway or who takes a walk across the golf coarse with or without a dog looks like his access will be closed.The field has a style at the other side to gain access onto a public footpath accross the dore and totly golf coarse.The grass on this field is cut regulary by a council tractor which gains access through this gap.I wonder if they reolise that the field will just go wild if left unkept.And if they reolise they will be closing a right of way.Does anyone have any knowledge of this.
  3. mick leaper retires friday having a little get together at the transport club(SECRET) 0n saturday the 9th april see you there
  4. i have just read through these post and i think what a load of rubbish ,what cretings and wind up merchants you are, im glad im now retired because most of you make me sick
  5. hi ives try your pm keep your fingers crossed 3dogs
  6. hi ives sorry im so long but we are not in the book im trying to find a way to let you know our no we are on talk talk finished off with .net ill keep trying will speak again 3dogs wb
  7. Hi ives sorry to hear about david .hope your well.we are ok been in derbyshire today with chris and her husband ,she sends her regards 3dogs
  8. lovely to hear from you again .I live on lowedges in sheffield ,pam lives on richmond rd and chris lives at dore.Ide like to bet i was about 4 or 5 last time i saw you.Hows david ithink he was a bit younger than me wasnt he. Arthur
  9. hi ives yes gotya huncle harold your dad and aunty lilly we used to visit your house when i was a little lad im william arthur but was always called arthur. When i was bus driving your dad would catch my bus and always used to jump off going round the corner going to work.
  10. hi ives my mothers name was violet ives born 20th sept 1913 .My father was arthur bramhall born 20th sept also but in 1912.i was named after grandad ives.
  11. thanks for that hillsbro, gives me a dig in the ribs about the history of my ancestors,they must have been very hard times ,a bit humbling isnt it 3dogs
  12. william ives died in the airade shelter i believe .i am a grandson of his but he died before i was borne .they lived up coleford rd.I cant remember how many but they had a large family.my grandma edith berry was married twice the first husband died in the brick works.some names of children were annie,hilda,violet(my mother)evelyne,saira,ethel,harold and i think four more from her first marriedge and i believe some died as children.I have a photo of them but am sorry i dont no how to send it.
  13. to davecowl i bet you enjoyed every minuet. Good times great friends lots of laughs what happy days spoilt with one maners.Although like all the others i went o.m.o. not straight away i thought i would be taking conductors jobs but when conductors started to learn to drive and went one maning .i thought i was the fool.Did the bigest part of my life bus driving .cant grumble though 3dogs
  14. you certantly did we used to race out to try to be first at the lights .I would think we would have been banned nowdays .Im now a bit of a dozy old codger
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