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  1. Thanks for trying to explain things but I think you will find that you do need to prove intent. Do you need me to explain the law?
  2. 1 - Kevin McCabe had a duty to his share holders to pursue the Tevez matter through the courts 2 - The Premier League and FA need to ensure that their policies are equal to all teams and that they do not have favourites, unfortunately their behaviour over the Tevez affair was biased. So giving a 30 point deduction for using the courts would just create more court cases. Barnsley cannot prove intent therefore will be wasting their money - but well done to both the FA and Premier League for starting this blame culture
  3. I am good friends with a West Ham fan, today he said that he would rather Sheffield United got automatic promotion. Would like to know whether he was being genuine or that United going up would slow down payments from West Ham?
  4. Vonn Trapps, keep Elliot and ditch the rest
  5. Takes one cat to know another
  6. That woman had a fantastic voice and I could really imagine seeing her on a West End stage, but just trying to think of which musical has a lesbian as its lead!
  7. Do you mean the praise or grumble man?
  8. Just moved back to Sheffield and wondering where I can get invovled in Water Sports? Like minded individuals need only reply!
  9. Anyone else excited about the new series starting on Thursday?
  10. I thought the tickets were quite reasonable, was expecting them to start in the hundreds. Fingers crossed I get tickets.
  11. He is allegedly already in the country, although on that performance at the O2 today, I wouldn't be shocked if he was still in the US.
  12. I was really looking forward to getting tickets for one of these shows, but I am sure that the man who announced the dates is a fake Jacko, when did his voice break?
  13. Funny! At least I hope you are being ironic.
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