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  1. I was in town today selling poppies. Sorry I missed you. I will be in town again on Saturday morning too.
  2. I agree Kittenta There are lingerie departments in most of the big retailers in Meadowhall. Does that mean that, Big Time, you feel that the likes of M and S are also inappropriate?
  3. Why are you bothered about the price? If you can afford the holiday you can afford the jabs. Sorry.
  4. I was looking for a home for my dad this time last year. It really is personal preference. Go and visit unannounced at least once and at different times of the day too. Ask to see the menus and what variation there could be to suit mum's taste. Ask about outings and the activity person. There should be no smell to the care home. Are you looking for residental or nursing? From the ones you've listed I went round Dale View and Scarsdale Grange. My Dad has now been in Newfield for a year now and is very happy. The staff are very good. They do trips in the summer and he went to Bakewell the other week for the day and had a brilliant time. PM me if you want to know more. Good luck. I know how difficult a time it is and how difficult the decision can be.
  5. You can get them at the cake decorating shop on the upstairs gallery of Castle Market.
  6. The one at Charles Aashmore Road had spaces in it both times when I went passed today. 11.15am and 1.30pm. There was also spaces in the pavillion car park around that time too. You must have been very unlucky if you went today.
  7. I agree about the parking near the pavilion. There is also a car park just at the end of Charles Ashmore Road and also street parking by the chuch on Norton Lane. These are all just a little further away but still only a few minutes from the cafe. I hope the grass that makes the park a park does not get taken over for extra parking.A car park next to a childrens play area cannot be safe. I appeciate not everyone can walk there or catch the bus but I'm sure some people could.Please think before deciding take the car.
  8. My Dad is in Newfield nursing home. I have nothing but praise for the care he has been given. He is settled, very well cared for and very happy. I have always found the team very helpful and very friendly. It depends on the level of care you are looking for. It's down to personal opinion. I would go round lots of places. You will know when you get the right one. It's also important to give your mum a choice too. Get a short list and take her round. Good luck.
  9. We use Canton Wok on Woodseats. They are open tonight and the food is great.
  10. Your surgery have done their best to accomodate your needs and it's a shame that you haven't been able to accept what they offered. GP's offer all sorts of ways to speak to or make an appointment with patients but as in all walks of life you cannot please all of the people all of the time. They are not lazy, they just haven't given you what you want. It sounds to me like the walk in centre on Broad Lane will be your best bet. You can register there and either take an appointment they offer you or go and wait when you have time after work.
  11. Do they have a website? I wanted to look at the current menu?
  12. Got ours afew years ago from the furniture shop by Homebase on Chesterfield Road. Worth a try.
  13. I would say not. At luchtime people just want to grab a quick sandwich. If you put in a card machine this would hold up your queue for all your customers. There are plenty of cash machines around so you should not use business.
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