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  1. Seeking reccomendation of an engineer for BMW car. Issuing with electric mirrors not working. thanks
  2. Magna

    Fa cup round 3 draw

    Great draw for the Owls!
  3. Can anyone reccommend a good place to take car for a valet in Sheffield?
  4. Can you reccomend a damp proof specialist? Have some issues of rising damp and mould in a semi detached house.
  5. Have a cellar flooded with about 4 inches of still water since yesterday. Can anyone offer any advice or recommend tradesman to assist? Property is in Handsworth. Thanks
  6. Can anyone reccomend an experienced car service provider for an Audi in Sheffied please? Trying to avoid main dealers as they can be expensive.
  7. Folks, I have this same problem. The leak is around every minute and the joint of the lead pipe (cold water) is visible (in the cellar). Im located near Graves park. Any tradesmen here can give me a quote or look at the job. Thanks
  8. Hi, Im looking for a gardener to cut my lawn around once every few months. Anyone based locally in S8/near Graves Park area?
  9. Can anyone reccomned reasonable priced person for business cards please?
  10. Content removed Adverts are not permitted in this section, please place your ad in the clearly signposted section for property to let.
  11. Magna

    The Green Deal scheme

    thanks for the suggestions, great!
  12. Magna

    The Green Deal scheme

    Any advice on how the green deal can be utilised for solid wall insulation? Can you reccomend any new deal providers?
  13. Magna

    Anybody had a kitchen fitted recently?

    OP have a look at Wickes. They have 50 per cent discount with further 15% for Easter. Been there today and seems reasonable. Otheriwse if you know a joiner with trade card and go to b&q and you will get extra trade discount on top of sale price.
  14. Magna

    Stagecoach vs First

    Stagecoach is the parent company for First.
  15. Hi there, I used to play at Goals in leeds some 5/6 years but not been able to play for work commitments since. My fitness level at moment is non existent. Wondered whether may be bale to "train" with you guys say saturday and take it there. Ideally i would like to play say once a week at goals in due course. However getting my fitness may be crucial. If permitted to train could you let me have details as to where you meet and train and precise times. regards

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