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  1. I have a copy of Crookes revisited has anyone got the first Crookes book from1982 to sell I am interested in purchasing there is a copy one bay but it is in Australia ---------- Post added 11-07-2014 at 16:58 ---------- I have had a shop in Crookes 42 years when i came in 1972 the shop at the corner of sackville Road was Fox Electricals Balins was further along the road towards Toyne Street.
  2. The shop was owned by Monty Mountain in early 1970s Do you remember Harlequin cafe next door to the barbers at the corner of Bolehill Lane. Ted and Beatie ran it and were famous for their bacon and tomato baps. Also Joes cafe with a fish and chip shop attatched. where Jaflong was until they recently moved.
  3. Are you sure it is the blades I use my wahl clipper all the time in my barbers shop and they last years, are you oiling them
  4. I never sharpen my blades just buy a new set from Wahl UK or any hairdressers suppliers
  5. Please help me locate my husbands silver zippo lighter with a yellow wild geese emblem on it. He got in a white hackney cab yesterday at 2130 hours at the University roundabout he had been in the University Arms pub. It belonged to his deceased brother so is of great sentimental value. Reward offerred for return. Please phone 07940077280 with any info. Many thanks
  6. You are welcome to visit my salon in Crookes I have been in business 40 years. It is a walk in service and I accept clients up to 5.30 mon - Wed and till 6.30 Fridays. Denises Barbers is on the main Crookes road opposite St Lukes charity shop corner of Bolehill Lane. I can assure you we will not turn you away Denise and Caz
  7. Hi I have used Wendys grooming salon and the service you get is the BEST. It smells clean when you go in not like alot of others I have been in, the customer service is great and friendly and my dog cant wait to go there. All the trimmers are very good and Wendy the owner could not be more helpful. I cannot understand people slagging this salon off it is one of the best in Sheffield, I can only think that there is some jealousy from other salon owners. But dont just bitch get your standards up to level Wendys then she wont affect your business
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