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  1. bebopaloola

    Community Choir

    i am in a choir in Sheffield called Bevox which is great fun - other side of Sheffield though - we have just started new season so its a great time to join . http://www.bevox.co.uk I also know a couple of people in this choir http://vivacitychoir.co.uk/vivacitychoir/about good luck and happy singing!
  2. bebopaloola

    Commemorative concert: Requiem for a Soldier

    I am also looking forward to this one...going to be emotional.. :cry::cry::cry:
  3. :headbang::headbang::headbang:This is also a great opportunity to hear a great Choir in action, we'll be singing along too...
  4. bebopaloola

    Your top 10 worst foods

    rhubard celery runner beans avacado pork pie mince pies christmas pudding christmas cake marzipan Liver??? why would ya
  5. bebopaloola

    Do MOT details get added to a database?

    So results are in for MOT retest at garage 2, passed!!! with couple of advisory items... one of which it failed on at garage 1 (So guess that needs sorting) and another which was never picked up on at garage 1, garage 1 quoted £400+ to put it through test.. garage 2 £50 :suspect::suspect: :confused::confused:
  6. bebopaloola

    Do MOT details get added to a database?

    Thanks Dardandec and Jbautos the second opinion is only wanted because repairs to get it through test came up a bit pricey at a garage I took it to and a couple of things I expected it would fail on didnt come up all, I couldn't afford to put it through at time so have to take it back for retest anyway, so now I have cash together I though I might try out another garage
  7. bebopaloola

    Do MOT details get added to a database?

    Yes just wanted to know if my car would fail on exactly same things If took it the car somewhere else, no plans to drive illegally in anyway..
  8. MOT fail!! If i take my car to another garage (For second opinion) will they be able to check a database to see what it originally failed on?
  9. Oops... But you will only be offered a place at one school!
  10. Hi all. This may be a silly question but do you ever get offered more than one school??? ie first choice and second choice.... also if i put the catchment school as a second choice but get refused our first choice would we then go to the bottom of the list behind the out of catchment applications who have put this school as their first choice request... (if this makes sense)
  11. Hi Charnock is a nice little spot at Gleadless and on tram route..
  12. :clap: I am really excited and looking forward to it. I would definitely recommend Listening to and being part of this fab choir.:banana:
  13. bebopaloola

    Lots of nuns in Fargate today

  14. bebopaloola

    What to do on mothers day

    Yes hopefully in the right location this time. I was advised I had put it in the wrong location the first time but thanks for bumping it
  15. bebopaloola

    What to do on mothers day

    Fed up with mothers-day pub lunches, chocolates, flowers? Make Mothers Day that little bit more special!!! ..... She deserves it Why not book tickets to see Chorus, a local Sheffield Choir, who are performing music / songs from the 'Magical Movies' l Sheffield, City Hall, Sunday 30th March 2014 at 4pm Tickets available from Sheffield City Hall Box office

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