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  1. Wortley Hall...I know they have a caravan site within the grounds.
  2. My grandma was a Paramore but can't seem to find any info on the name...mind you I haven't tried for a while..I do know that there is/was a Paramore factory just off Scotland Street in Sheffield.
  3. Some of these Police Box's(posts) are up for sale...grab yourself a Tardis.
  4. Peter Bush...now thats a name from the past,I used to catch a bus into Sheffield about 40 years ago and sometimes we would sit together....now there's a puzzle for you.
  5. Saw them at The Fiesta Club in the early 70's and yes they were really good.
  6. My dad lived at No 44 Brittania Road from 1926 - 1944 and remembers his grandad telling him about Charlie Peace lodging at No 40.
  7. martymod My grandma was Lizzie Paramore who had a brother John,I have sent you an email.
  8. One of my uncles is a Maw,he and his family live in the Chapeltown and Penistone area of Sheffield.
  9. My husband remembers Frank Bradbury living on the wheel,but thinks his dad may know more as he was born in Ecclesfield and still lives there...I will let you know what I find out. Twinky1
  10. MissingAndy,I have tried to send you a PM but I seem to be having a problem,could you let me know if you have received it. Many thanks
  11. My mum worked in Blaskeys on Snigg Hill in the late 50's
  12. Wortley Hall are having a Jazz & Blues evening on the 19th.
  13. Yes probably - but you would think that with it being family run they would charge the same across the board....swings and roundabouts!!!! but whatever I think it's worth the money.
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