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  1. Hi can i ask are there any model shops left in sheffield city centre i understand antics has shut down which is a shame as it was a good shop is the only shop in sheffield http://www.marcway.net/ or are there others were i can get 1/35 model kits???
  2. Day of moaning declared in north of England over train woes Commuters urged to flood TV and radio phone-ins after transport secretary’s cancellation of rail electrification upgrades in the north A day of moaning has been declared across the north of England, with public transport users encouraged to let rip about their terrible journeys. Commuters are urged to write to their MPs and flood radio and TV phone-ins on Monday to express their frustration with the region’s poor transport provision. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/aug/21/day-of-moaning-declared-in-north-of-england-transport-rail-electrification
  3. Hi my niece is planning to get married she is having a church wedding at dronfield church were is a good venue for the reception (around 100 guests) around south sheffield north derbyshire
  4. is it tomato blight ??? http://www.gardenersworld.com/plants/plant-inspiration/avoid-tomato-blight/
  5. Why do the DWP think its fine to treat disabled like something they have stepped in send them to assessment's were the person doing it lies to make sure the disabled person loses out and has to appeal and even go to court to get the disability payment they are entitled to :rant:
  6. Plane crashes into field in Derbyshire All three emergency services are dealing with the incident at Summerley Road in Apperknowle. A Derbyshire Constabulary spokesman said: "We received reports that a small plane had crashed near Summerley Airfield at around 1pm. "We believe there is one person injured at this time and surrounding roads have been closed. "Witnesses or anyone with information should call us on 101."Eyewitnesses have reported a heavy emergency services presence in the village, which is in between Chesterfield and Sheffield.
  7. On the 10th of april i had a dreaded pip medical at east bank road medical centre in sheffield the assessor basically put down a load of B.S and lies about my medical problems. She put down i was having driving lessons i am not never had them. She ignored my aspbergers and my large umbilical hernia the size of a melon As a result of her B.S i was turned down for Pip anybody else had this problem i am appealing about this decision
  8. Hi i am after a flea and worm treatment what do people reccomend to get ????
  9. My niece is planning a birthday meal at damons can i ask is the main menu vegan friendly
  10. hi my mother has COPD and has been put on oxygen do's anybody know were i can get her a fancy bag for carrying her tank of oxygen
  11. Were are folk supposed to pee if toilets are shut nearest lampost/bush???
  12. Hi folks were can i get a set of 6x12 wheels for my classic mini 1000????
  13. Why do some garden centres have gift departments selling stinky candles and other expensive non gardening tat ??? should they not concentrate on selling gardening products
  14. Can anybody tell me are they still trading If not were can i get my 1/35 model kits in sheffield
  15. Has anybody here visited the rhs show at tatton i like to attend 1 flower show a year is this a good show to visit ???
  16. Were is the best place to buy cans of airbrush propellent in sheffield ???
  17. I have claimed carers allowance for looking after my disabled mother how long do you have to wait until you hear if you get it ???
  18. Are there any good plant fairs in 2016 in and around sheffield????
  19. People are happy to celebrate st davids st andrews & st patricks day but when it comes to st georges day folk dont bother celebrating it no mention of it on tv no council organised events
  20. From Dronfield Police SNT Police are appealing for information after A 150-year-old stained glass window at a church in the village has been smashed after vandals threw a rock at the listed building. The damage follows similar incidents over recent weeks whereby windows and doors to the church were smashed, along with the windows of Relax hairdressers on Eckington Road, and the Hair Post on Dyche Lane. four cars had their windows damaged in Coal Aston in the last few weeks. The most recent incident happened sometime overnight between Friday, April 15 and Saturday, April 16. The rear windscreen to a Rover 57 parked on Shaw Street was smashed. Two incidents happened on Birches Fold sometime overnight between Sunday, April 10 and Monday, April 11, possibly between 9pm and 10pm on Sunday, April 10. The windscreen to a Nissan Primera and a rear windscreen to a Vauxhall Astra were damaged. The windscreen of a Vauxhall Corsa parked at Rawlins Court was also smashed sometime between 5pm and 11.30pm on Friday, April 1. Anyone with information should contact Derbyshire police PC Sally Horner on 101, quoting crime number 15734/16, or get in touch with him via the Contact Us section on the website here. You can also call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
  21. This local show sounds like its going to be a brilliant show Today, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) announces initial plans for the new RHS Chatsworth Flower Show, which will take place on the stunning 1,000-acre parkland of the Chatsworth Estate. The home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire and set in the heart of the rolling Derbyshire countryside the estate will welcome the latest addition to the RHS Flower Show calendar next year from 7-11 June. For the 2017 show, the overarching theme will be ‘Design Revolutionaries’, celebrating creative people through history, the present and future, who through their foresight and innovation change the way we think about and approach gardens and garden design. The show will celebrate and take inspiration from great historical revolutionaries such as Sir Joseph Paxton and Lancelot Capability Brown, both of whom have left a lasting legacy in landscape design and had a great impact on the Chatsworth Estate. The show will celebrate present design and gardening trends and look to the future by providing a platform for new horticultural pioneers to share their innovations and fresh ideas. The Floral Marquee will take inspiration from Joseph Paxton’s Great Conservatory which housed a host of horticultural specimens, from exotic palms and aquatic plants, to brilliantly coloured flowers. The familiar marquee format seen at RHS Shows will be transformed and the world's leading nurseries, specialist exhibits and floral installations will be housed in a striking new structure visible from all parts of the showground. With the River Derwent running through the centre of the showground, a series of bridges will form key focal points, linking both sides of the show. One bridge created by the RHS will take the form of an historic Palladian bridge on the outside, but as visitors enter the bridge to pass into the Great Conservatory, they will be taken on a floral journey. Applications are invited from designers and installation artists to transform the two other bridges into floral experiences for visitors. Nick Mattingley, Head of RHS Shows said: ‘RHS Chatsworth Flower Show will set itself apart from our current portfolio of shows. Our amazing Shows Team are working to deliver a unique experience for our visitors, inspired by both the setting and the theme of ‘Design Revolutionaries’. “Our aim is to create a new show that champions horticultural innovation and is bursting with fresh ideas. RHS Chatsworth will be playful, fun and unforgettable for visitors from beginning to end. We, and our contributors, are developing really exciting ideas for show content, we’re looking forward to sharing them as they develop over the next year.’ Tickets to RHS Chatsworth Flower Show will go on sale on June 7th and can be bought at rhs.org.uk/flowershows.
  22. Were can i get a cheap louvre vent kit for my greenhouse???
  23. Them tories don't like spending money on anything north of Watford look at all the money the spend in southern england up here we get all the cast off's and a second class transport system so I doubt we will ever see a tunnel built under the national park
  24. Boxing fans in sheffield will enjoy this trailer just click on link below
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