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  1. So, are you all suggesting that the 20million pounds it has cost, has been money not well spent? Just wait till they put the service station in!
  2. I live right near junction 36 M1. The police helicopter was circling right overhead, there was a sudden road vehicle siren at Westwood New Road, Tankersley and then...it went completely quiet! No idea what was going down, I'll let you know if I find out.
  3. My husband had two years suffering with dermatitis including open sores on his hands. We tried everything to clear it up, including a range of treatments from the RHH under Professor Gawkroger. On a trip to Hong Kong, I saw a notice in the public toilets saying if you were allergic to liquid soap, please ask the attendant for a bar of soap instead. When we got home I researched this to find that this is a common problem where people are using liquid pump soaps. In order to stop the soap dispenser gungeing up, a preservative called methylisothiazolone is added. As soon as we stopped using products with this in, my husband's hands cleared up without any creams etc. This may not be the answer to your problem, however I have since recommended this to a friend and it has worked for her also.
  4. Is the problem only on your hands? Do you use liquid soap from a pump dispenser?
  5. Is Alan Wadge any relation of the old Headteacher of the Central Technical School, Herbert Wadge?
  6. It has always been good. No need to worry about gimmicks or microwaves. It is good home cooking very well done indeed, pleasantly served. Been going for years, never been disappointed.
  7. Thank you Tess! You've got it, it looks fab and my daughter who is visiting from abroad will adore it, thank you so much.
  8. You do need to check up as Annie has said. I own my home freehold, but there is a covenant that does not allow the parking of caravans or vans over a certain weight on the drive.
  9. Can anyone tell me the name of a dress shop almost opposite Lowes wallpaper shop on Abbeydale Road? Their current window display has some 1950 style dresses-the ones with sticky out petticoats! I drove past today, but could see the shop name in time. Any help?
  10. Is it legal to 'free pour' a gin and tonic?
  11. Thanks for your reply. If it is bridge work, they've gone a long way into a field on the opposite side of the road! Let's wait and see what happens!
  12. Does anyone know what is happening on Broadcarr Lane Elsecar? There is a lot of hardcore being laid, traffic control etc, is it anything to do with the heritage railway?
  13. Buy new made to measure doors from HPP near Crystal Peaks, get some good quality laminate work tops, keep old layout so you don't have the expense of moving services. Granite/composite work tops are very expensive and require specialist fitting and cleaning. I revamped a kitchen like this and everyone thought it was a new kitchen, hundreds of pounds instead of thousands. Job in town!
  14. Whereabouts in Australia is your parcel going, and how soon has it got to be there? What does it weigh?
  15. Does anyone know what happened to the fabric shop at St Mary's house? I went yesterday only to find it all shut up. I know they had a branch in Chesterfield too, anyone know if that is still in business? Whilst I was there, a really nice couple working in Mr Bubbles coffee bar and launderette (next door to the now vacant fabric shop) helped me out. I couldn't help but admire their shop, as recently when my washing machine broke down, I had no idea where there were any launderettes still open. I had a lovely cup of coffee and chat there so I suppose my trip wasn't all in vain!
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