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  1. As some may know the iphone 4S is to be released in the morning, according to apple, there meadowhall store opens at 8 am Friday/tomorrow. if this is the case would meadowhall open all of there entrances or just selected ones, if so what entrances will be open? thanks jordan wilson
  2. 4 ambulances and 4 police offices and two attemps of running away by the drunk / high driver at about 0045 this morning, only one car involved.. wonder why so many emergency vehecles were needed.....
  3. hi on my iphone half of the screen appears in a lit up grey colour, i have seen on ebay a digitalizer for £6, would buying a new screen digitalizer sort out my backlight problem, if not, what would i need? thanks
  4. If anyone is selling two wristbands. Please let me know. Thanks
  5. Hi are there any fun fairs in sheffield today?
  6. Anyone kno if theres an opportunity to be a volounteer to this event or to pay for a VIP que jump wristband?
  7. anyyhone know if the fair is on today?
  8. Does anyone know the cheapest place to get this unlocked?
  9. i already have a shuffle .. i would only use the touch mainly for games and stuff to do when im bored ASWELL as a music player.. But smooth play on words i must say ;P
  10. thanks for looking rich.. and no i'm not gonna steal an ipod -.-
  11. Yes.. i know what they are like i had my iphone stolen off me in the bus station! which is why im trying to get an ipod touch too last me till i can afford an iphone
  12. only a first generation one.. i have things for swaps aswell
  13. I know theres Ebay.. but ill check out gumtree.. thankyou
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