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  1. Is there a video photography group in Sheffield or maybe someone who can give me advice on taking and producing videos I am trying to get through Power Director 15 but not very sucsessfully whoulkd be willing to pay a fee for some tuition.
  2. Yes I am interested in renting a studio for a couple of sessions or more depending on the cost. I am a member of a small photographic group so there needs to be room for say 4 photographers to work. Please let me have details. Bill
  3. The best one I ever saw was when Jimmy Tarbuck was working at the Cavandish on Bank Street many years ago his was COM IC
  4. Depends what you are looking for lots of nice Italians in Sheffield but for the real thing try the La Romantica on London Road, does not look much from the outside but the chef is great at real Italian food, and the prices are not out of reach, but if you want to go up market and impress try Antibo's in West one, great food but pricy but then you usually get what you pay for.
  5. Can anyone help me find a studio or open place to work, for use by our responsable photographic group, needs to be low priced or even free would be nice, anything considered.
  6. Saw them at their last display at the blackpool air show just a week before the tragic accident it was a great display.
  7. Got an Epson Laser Printer CX11n not sure if it works can anyone find it an home or use it for spares its in good condition..
  8. Best coffee deal in Sheffield is Weston Park Museum any coffee £1 before 11am and you should try their Belgum hot chocolate swonderful!!! and thats a £1 too
  9. Just been there on a Groupon Deal 2 Brekies and coffees for £3 you cant beat it
  10. As an old un I read through this theme with interest, and realised that past and present did not really mean that because of the age opf the contributers, only one mention of The Mojo Pete Stringfellow's first club renowned throught the North of England and not one mention of the Fiesta the largest night club in the UK at the time of its construction. What about Shades on Ecclesall Road now Napoleon's Casino run by the infamous Max Omar and Baileys on Bank street although I don't think that was its orignal name it was the first night club to open up in the city centre. and then there was the Lacarno on London Road compleat with the palm trees. Now thats the past.
  11. I don't agree either I consider it expencive for what you get, as are most West Street eating places, try La Romantica London Road one of the old established Italian restaurents in Sheffield. Great chef who producers wonderful food. Calazones second to none, and fillet stake to die for and home made chips.
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