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  1. Some of them do. I work for a charity (not as a fundraiser incidentally) and we employ our street fundraisers directly and not through an agency. I still pretend I am on the phone when I walk down the high street or the moor though, just so I don't have to do the no thank you dance.
  2. The man who owns it lives in Norton Lees / Meersbrook and takes it out for a little pootle most weekends. It's a real beaut!
  3. If I'm not expecting someone, I don't answer the door whatever time it is. I don't see why choosing not to answer the door is any different form choosing not to answer my phone. Unfortunately door to door & street fundraising are very successful in generating cash for charities. If enough people were to donate off their own back, it wouldn't be necessary to use these methods but that isn't the case. Not all charities that have fundraising teams of this kind pay an agency though, some have their own teams, paid like any other member of staff with no bonus for sign ups other than, you get to keep your job if you meet your targets. So in some cases, all the money raised does go directly to the charity.
  4. I don't have any new steps to add to the mix but thank you for signing up for Vertical Rush! Shelter are a great cause and you are brave, it makes me feel sick just thinking about all those steps!! Good luck!
  5. HARC (Homeless & Roofless at Christmas) provide hot meals over the Christmas period. I don't know if they still need people but I'd have thought the more the merrier!
  6. If you do need to contact Shelter I would suggest the housing advice line (free phone) 0808 800 4444 or the face to face advice service which is 0344 515 1515. (The number quoted above is for another part of Shelter, who would be happy to redirect if you did call and is now 0344 rather than 0844.) Hope you or whoever who are enquiring on behalf of gets sorted very soon x
  7. I have seen this man you have described. he was travelling on a number 20 bus on Saturday at around 4pm. He walked to the front of the bus to get off then changed his mind and went back up and sat down near the back. I assume a similar incident occurred as another woman on the bus challenged him quite aggressively and the young girl being harassed moved seats to the front of the bus. The woman that had told him in no uncertain terms to leave the young girl alone did tell the bus driver about it as she got off as well. Hopefully that bus driver reported it in the way described above.
  8. I always stop and have a chat with them, let them say their piece, then I say mine and I agree to bear them in mind when I next review my regular giving. They have never been rude to me with this approach. I did once have someone shout something after me on an occasion I didn't stop. If I have to get down Fargate quickly now I just pretend to be on the phone (or actually make some phone calls at that point - works a dream) Not everyone collecting in this way is an agency worker though, some charities have their own fundraising teams employed directly and with no commission structure in their pay just very strict targets so in fairness, some of them DO actually work for the charity they advocate. Rats are ok but city rats are a bit scary sometimes, I once saw one the size of a small cat.
  9. Haha! I don't know about large grown up dollies but the doilies are pretty large
  10. I have found Andrews on Chapel Walk very disappointing, not many of their cakes are homemade with the carrot and chocolate fudge ones being noticeably from Costco - they only cost £8 for the whole cake so the price they charge for a slice is very steep. The sandwiches that come on the afternoon tea are lacking in filling and very basic. But you do get a doily I guess.
  11. I visited A1 when I was looking for a cattery last year and was less than impressed. I asked if I could pay for 2 pens so my cat had more space and was told no which makes no sense as they would not have lost any money. One of the cats had been sick and rather than clear it up and make sure the cat was ok, they showed me around which made me question how important my cat's welfare would be to them. I use Atkinsons Cattery at Norton. It's nice and quiet on a farm and the cats can look out and see either the coming and goings of the stables or miles of countryside. John is great and plays with each of them every day and lets them run up and down the corridor when he cleans out their pens (individually obviously not a massive cat free for all) I hate leaving my cat but I know he is in good hands when I do.
  12. MGM wedding cars are great, we used 2 of theirs for our wedding last year. The Austin Princess is gorgeous.
  13. You are quite right, it did a town - halfway loop. It's the 40 that went up to Fulwood.
  14. I love the 41, I didn't even know until this post that it had finished. I didn't even get to say goodbye!
  15. I am looking for a venue to hold my 30th birthday - it's going to be a silly affair with party games and a bouncy castle. With that in mind I'm looking fro a venue that would have enough outdoor space to put up a bouncy castle (16ft x 12ft) and a bucking bronco but attached to a hall or similar so if on the off chance it rains we can go inside. Ideally also needs to be somewhere where we can provide our own catering & alcohol. Would really appreciate it if anyone knows of anywhere in Sheffield that might be able to accommodate this -have started looking online but it's proving to be a needle in a haystack scenario at this point.
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