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  1. AMC is currently doing mainly online meetigns at the moment due to Covid. As someone who has been going for a while i can testify that it is very good for all men.
  2. Evidence? The Washington Post has done an analysis on the Trump era using official statistics . https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/09/05/trump-obama-economy/ You have to discount 2020 because of the impact of the pandemic realistically but just to summarise the comparison to the previous president (ive removed Obamas first year as it is all mainly negative scores) Average Job Gains - Obama 186K / Trump 182K Average Economic Growth (GDP) - Obama 2.2% / Trump 2.5% Unemployment - Obama end of office 4.7% / Trump pre corona 3.4% Black unemployment - Obama end of office 7.5% / Trump pre corona 5.4% Stock Market - Obama end of office 2271 (Had been as low as 871) / Trump Pre corona c3000 and now back above 3400 Average Food Stamps- Obama 43.6M / Trump 39.6M Manufacturing Output - Obama end of office 102.4 / Trump c105 Average Debt Growth year on Year - Obama 2.2% / Trump 0.9% Wage rises - Obama end of office 2.5% / Trump pre corona 3.5% Do you have verifiable evidence to counter this and support your comment Magilla?
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-54053892 A person has been arrested for this but my comment is Something happens in the US and everything that doesn't paint black people in a positive light is condenmed on here as being racist A black man (as the CCTV footage released indicates) goes into a gay area of a UK city and random start knifing people killing one but no thread here about it, no notice of it in the mainstream in comparison to other incidents. Why the silence?
  4. And by that proxy the notion that if you do like it you're somehow racist is also ludicrous in the extreme is it not? But that's the accusation getting thrown around
  5. https://news.sky.com/story/jeremy-corbyn-former-labour-leader-voted-best-prime-minister-britain-never-had-in-twitter-poll-12060443 Is this the poll you are on about An unofficial Twitter poll gives him the top An official YouGov poll ranks him bottom with a score of minus 53 Hmm which is more credible?
  6. Give it up Anna. He's gone back to the abyss of the backbench, but since you posted.......... First bold - Where were they on voting day (either of them, especially the second one where they got decimated) Second bold - So much in awe that they couldn't find a polling booth or they had seen through him by 2019 Third bold - Opinion polls would suggest different considering Labour are now nearly level to the Tories rather than 26 points behind under JC Fourth bold - Go vote socialist party then. Fifth bold - They arent Corbynistas, they are Labour party members. There is no Corbyn party. Its Labour. Whether people choose to vote Labour or not is their decision. And lets face it, based on the previous "huge following of "Corbynistas turning out" it wouldn't make that much difference. Certainly didn't make a difference last year I thought this was the Tory thread anyway
  7. Quick query. Received a PCN (fair do's, i logged the wrong car on the website today to pay for so ive paid for a day's parking that i never used and got a ticket for the car i did) and in the photo evidence it shows the conditions of use. You can receive a ticket for "Parking without displaying a valid permit or pay and display ticket" Now i'm not trying to get out of paying the PCN, I messed up, my problem to pay BUT the key word on the conditions is "Displaying". If you pay by mobile then you cannot display a ticket but you can park properly. Should the conditions of use be amended to show this?
  8. Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia both in the top 10 this week. seems people do want to hear these songs
  9. Which bosses? The exec (8 females out of 18), the board (5 females out of 13) or the commercial board (3 females out of 10)
  10. Yep - a report commissioned by "The mayoral authority of the Sheffield City Region" (as people have to say when in meetings) is critical of the PTE staff (half of who now owrk for SCR) and systems and so recommends that they take it over Hmmm you couldnt have seen that one coming from the day they walked into the same building as the PTE
  11. If your comment was based on casualbystanders comment then why put it on my post? If its aimed at someone then quote their post not other peoples.
  12. And once again Halibut you contribute absolutely nothing to the conversation and fail to read the context of the post instead choosing to just post your usual non helpful or non point making posts. Why dont you read the quote below which is the response from the person i was replying to instead of making a comment completely invalid to my post Lex - You're welcome. Hope my post didnt come as confrontational.
  13. The statue is called A Surge Of Power. Jen Reid said herself that she was making the Black Power salute when she was originally on the plinth. Not a raised fist as a symbol of "solidarity and activism". She then went and was photographed over 200 times making the black power salute in order for the statue to be created. You might not see it as an advocate of black power, but considering the title and the self confessed reasoning behind the positioning of the subject then to me it is.
  14. Give it up Anna. You normally make some good points but this obsession with the leader who managed to lose 2 elections and garner the worst defeat in living memory detracts from everything. He lost - Media's fault? If so, then why do you and others proclaim that the Labour party was the biggest membership in Europe at the time? to quote a drunk Delia Smith, when it came to election day was he asking "where are you?" If these people all were swayed by the "media" after joining the party then the party didn't do a good job of getting his message along. Get over it and support the party if you are going to keep with Labour under Starmer. If not then Scargill and his friends are over there but please drop the "Crobyn was hard done by" line. He lost to the 2 most inept leaders in conservative history despite having (according to you and others on here) The youth vote The biggest membership of a party in Europe A tidal wave of popularity (remember Oh Jeremy Corbyn chants at Glastonbury in 2017 which went worldwide in the media) The reason for the biggest resurgence of interest in British politics. And he still lost Twice And now he's gone. Get behind Starmer
  15. In your opinion It was the right choice for the country evidently given the majority the Conservative party have following the election. Mine or your opinion matters not one jot. I respect your passion and opinion with regard to Corbyn and his socialist views but he and them will never be viewed as acceptable to the majority and therefore will have next to no influence on the country. If the Labour party wishes to be in power (you know, the main thing a political party tries to achieve) then it has recognised that it does not stand a chance with the same policies of Corbyn, Kinnock, Foot, et al.
  16. My point was, as you are probably well aware. you blame the media, backstabbing MPs, the weather, anything really except Corbyn for the last defeat. My point is that Labour has lost every election since 1979 with a "socialist" stance so, considering that there were no claims of Anti Semitism, no backstabbing MP's no social media campaigns against Labour during the perios 1979-1997 why did Labour lose every election that was so different to the reasons they lost the last 2 elections with Corbyn as leader? i.e The UK rejects a socialist party
  17. Busy trams at peak times does not equal a full demand for the service. once you get out past manor top the trams tend to empty out. The routes were changed from the original proposal due to pressure from SCC.
  18. Not strictly true The tax levy from the councils is set by "The Mayoral Authority of Sheffield City Region" (realllllllllllllllllllly?) which is a primary source of funding. Direct capital projects are normally funded by DfT grants which the PTE applies for (as it did prior to SCR formation) BSOG grants from the DfT cover a lot of the tendered schemes.
  19. 1979 - Tory majority 43 beating James Callaghan 1983 - Tory majority 144 beating Micheal Foot 1987 - Tory majority 102 beating Neil Kinnock 1992 - Tory majority 21 beating Neil Kinnock So if "people despised the party over what Blair did" then whats your excuse for the 20 years prior to Blair when the country rejected Labour who had leaders in the same mould as Corbyn? Its not the party's own MP's that cause the election, its the voters and the UK electorate have consistently rejected a Socialist based Labour leadership for 50 years now (based on the date of the next scheduled election and the last Labour victory discounting Blair). All this despite, as Anna claims, having the biggest political party in Europe prior to the last election. If the Labour MP's were so backstabbing then why did so many people "rush to join" the Labour party and then not vote for them. Thats like buying a ticket for the cinema then thinking "one of the actors is badmouthing the lead so i wont go watch the film" So based on your theory will you be voting Labour at the next election with Starmer at the helm?
  20. Hmmm a report commissioned by SCR who have had intentions to take over the PTE for a long time makes a recommendation that ....... SCR takes over the PTE could have told you that before it came out. There is no new leadership capacity and expertise. A lot of the SCR transport people currently in position are ex PTE. It’s just another level of political influence. The same people will stay in the same jobs.
  21. Maybe you've forgotten that "the biggest political party in Europe" suffered the biggest defeat by a Labour party for how many decades???? Maybe you've forgotten that Corbyn "galvanised politics with more interest than ever before" so much that voters forgot to vote for the party, just couldn't be bothered in the election or created so much negative interest in the party's policies that they refused to vote for Corbyn. Take your pick
  22. But they havent been flipping from power to opposition. The last 50 years have proved that the country rejects the kind of Labour promoted by the likes of Kinnock, Foot, Corbyn to massive losses but it does accept the kind of Labour that Blair promoted. Maybe he was right time right place with "Cool Britainnia" as opposition to the previous government. but the results dont lie. Starmer is the best chance Labour have of being able to influence the country by being in power.
  23. I know, i was countering Resident's post which said " i heard that the cost of a bus is £30000 a year for everything" when it evidently isn't. Even if you count the cost of a new bus at £250K roughly for a double decker, running it for 10 years would have a cost of £25K a year alone to cover the cost of the vehicle alone. The new ticket machines cost £2500 alone.
  24. Love to know the source of that as the government figures would indicate that a bus would do less than 10000 miles a year if that was the case (£3.58 per mile) https://www.gov.uk/government/statistical-data-sets/bus04-costs-fares-and-revenue
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