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  1. Thank you for your reply midgecat, its just confusing and concerning as she hasnt attacked my other dog or cats.
  2. Hi all, Got my cat spayed on Tuesday, she was ok yesterday but today she is clingy and when ever she sees my GSD she has started to attack him. He hasnt hurt her for her to attack. Any idea what could have caused her to react like this? Will be calling the vets tomorrow but in the mean time any advice really appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Peak vets have always been good.
  4. Its still off here, wouldnt mind as i was asleep but the alarm sounds when no power is going to it so its impossible to sleep right now :-/
  5. Hi is anyone else in s2 wybourn thats had a power cut? Just woken yo our alarm going off and all power Out
  6. Is this allowed? Ive been up and paid for two of them but I cannot get them all to guarentee them a good home. These two little ones are going to have a big home but what about the rest?
  7. Hi all, my female cat has gone missing from S2 Wybourn. She is mainly white with a black tail and black patches. She has a distinctive black mark on her face also. Shes been missing for nearly 2 weeks now and im really worried as she is a indoor cat. If anyone has seen her or taken her in please contact me on 07446388003. She has her collar and a ID tag. Im hoping someone has taken her in as at least I know shes alive. Thanks Jenz.
  8. Hi is the cat in S2 and have a collar with a oval red tag? Thanks
  9. Hi i have over a thousand records im needing to get rid of, does anyone know the bestcplace to sell them? I havent got the time to sort through then individually but there is a variety of genras and some repeats. Thanks
  10. Hi does anyone have a spare or old dog creat i could possibly borrow for a few day or buy? thank you
  11. hi i can lend you one, im out at the minute but i shouldnt be to long. pm me ur address if u like and ill drop it off when i get back
  12. Ive just seen what i think is a white bull mastif wondering around on outram road wybourn. It has a harness on but no lead. Wondering down to back gardens. Im off to work so i cant do anything at this moment.
  13. Hi Blue Day, I've pmd you Thank you so much for your kind offer
  14. Hi thank you for your reply, they provide the shirts, jumpers etc and you can request more which they will take a deposit out of your wages but they said its up to us to provide shoes, trouses etc. Things like a tent you can borrow one of theres if you dont have your own so they help in that way thankfully.
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