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  1. the smokers probably cannot read or see the signs because of the smoke, as for sucking on an exhaust pipe we are all doing that now, breathing in carbon emmisions, my god we are all doomed.
  2. :rant:and why not, theft reported to the so called police on wednesday 13th , have they been any where near, no!!! might as well be the middle of town because the big brave police boys are very scared to go into town in case the little teenagers shout at them.where were they when that old dear was used as a punchbag, as usual nowhere.
  3. so our bullying government are considering introducing a £10 smoking license for all smokers, what about one for anyone purchasing alcohol or anything else our peers don't like us enjoying, whats the £10 going to be used for? they won't be spending it on cleansing services, i mean look at all the rubbish/litter around since the smoking ban (something else to blame the poor old smoker on) the litter on our streets has increasd by 45% since the smoking ban, yuo have only to walk past a pub and see all the tab ends, who cleans these up then, i know employ more cleaners with the £10 permit.
  4. and what, if anything are the police going to do???
  5. these scumbags are now operating in the sheffiled 5 area, be warned.
  6. not "just about still open" you want to go in at the lunchtime sessions it's bloody full then, you cannot get a seat for all the scroungers and monday afternoons, well it's just the old saint monday! is hollie the one with the nice smile or the misrable looking one.
  7. any idea whats on this weeks menu, not been in sheffy all week so not been able to call in.
  8. cheeky gits, when did they increase the price of the paper?? they kept that quiet. in the sporting section last week they reported on the white horse of wembley and i thought the sun were behind.
  9. bloody hell daftlad, tha dunt geraht much dus tha!!when did the wadsley close, i were only in there last week. not much left round your end is there? same as ours 40 foot gone (well almost) and 5 archers gone(again almost) timbertop (on it's way out) all up for sale but who's going to buy them, no one only a property developer and build stupidly priced apartments, say goodbye to your local pub, the estate pub is doomed.
  10. aye, it is that, they are really trying hard as well, catering for the smokers with a nice shelter, we've nicknamed it the ranch, mind you some silly bugger painted the woodwork with water based paint, yep you guessed it, stripes across me ares, they did pay for the cleaning bill though, like most places they have good and bad who frequent the place, the place is heaving at the weekend dinner stints bit quiet at night.
  11. hey up daftlad, i believe the first working persons club to have bouncers was the southey club opposite the old magnet.I,m informed that it's the same crowd that is causing all the mayhem that used to frequent the southey.
  12. we are just a nation of lazy fat couch cabbages, no wonder this country has gone to the dogs, do something constructive instead of wasting it in front of a little box. support your local church, attend the midnight evesong.
  13. christmas day is a day for celebrating christs birthday not sat watching TV, why not lend a hand in the soup kitchen or go for a long walk.
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