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  1. For our first show of the year, Juno and Polaris nominated Toronto singer-songwriter Lindi Ortega takes to the Harley stage. http://lindiortega.ca/ “The song Tin Star speaks to the plight of the struggling musician,” explains country artist Lindi Ortega. “To those who are so driven by their passion that they soldier on, despite the odds being against them.” Fortunately for Ortega, her star continues to rise, catching the attention of critics, fans and radio stations worldwide. Tin Star, the brand new album of the same name from the Toronto born, Nashville dwelling singer-songwriter, is incredibly close to Ortega’s heart and is influenced strongly by life in her adopted home of ‘music city’. Produced by Grammy award-nominated producer Dave Cobb (Jamey Johnson, Secret Sisters, Shooter Jennings), the album builds on the success of Ortega’s previous two critically acclaimed works, 2011’s Juno Award-nominated Little Red Boots and last year’s Polaris Music Prize long-listed Cigarettes & Truckstops. It further flaunts the distinct voice and skilled songwriting that the singer has come to be known for and showcases the unique double edged sound that she has defined. “It’s always my goal to raise the bar with each record I put out. I have witnessed so much talent living in Nashville that has inspired me to push myself even further,” says Ortega, “I like to work with different musicians and producers to change the feels of every release. I don’t want to risk making the same record over and over. Working with a new group brings a new spirit and new ideas to the music.” Several songs on the album touch on the classics of country music. Loneliness, unrequited love, crumbling relationships and primal desire pepper Tin Star and give Ortega a chance to let her contemporary twist on traditional country shine through. ‘Hard As This’, one of the standout tracks from the album, speaks to difficult relationships, how they often seem to be more trouble than they’re worth and the feeling of giving all you have and it still not being enough. While ‘I Want You’ takes the dark undertones that Ortega’s music is known for and explores the dark side of desire and the need to be bad to get what you want. “I have this drive to prove people wrong; people who thought I should give up or assumed I’d never get anywhere. I decided to name the album Tin Star to always remind me where I came from; to never forget my humble beginnings and years of hard work and struggle.” Whether the stars she’s imagining are in the night sky or made of tin hanging on an old barn door, Ortega’s painting a picture of a career continually on the rise despite any obstacles that may come her way. Plus... Tom Hickox Fierce Panda signee Tom Hickox is a serious young man for serious times. He lives in Camden, plays upright piano and sings with a snowfalling voice sufficiently deep, crisp and even to draw wise comparisons with Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave. With typical light-heartedness Tom’s debut album, due out in February next year, will be called 'War, Peace And Diplomacy'.
  2. The Montreal band will play Queens this Autumn. Info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/298691180275268
  3. We are very happy to announce that The Computers have been confirmed as the main support for The Heavy at Sheffield's Queens Social Club on 20th November!
  4. The upcoming debut album, Girls Like Us, by PINS has stirred up much excitement, and we’re very pleased to announce the fiery Manchester four-piece will be playing at The Harley this October. More info at: https://www.facebook.com/events/669880639691957/ SATURDAY 5TH OCTOBER 2013 Harley Live presents PINS 18+ Door: 7.30pm Ticket Price: £7.00
  5. We are excited to announce that Exit Calm will be playing at Queens Social Club as part of their UK album tour in September 2013. Find out more: https://www.facebook.com/events/193658047462337/ FRIDAY 27TH SEPTEMBER 2013 DHP Concerts presents Exit Calm 14+ (Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult) Doors: 7:30pm Ticket Price: £9.00
  6. We are very pleased to announce that The Family Rain will be be playing at Queens Social Club on Thursday 24th October. Ticket links and more details: https://www.facebook.com/harleylive#!/events/410808192368328/ THURSDAY 24 OCTOBER 2013 SJM Concerts present The Family Rain Plus Special Guests 14+. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult Doors: 7.00pm Ticket Price: £8.00 advance
  7. We are excited to announce that The Heavy will be playing at Queens Social Club, Wednesday 20th November 2013. Ticket links and more details: https://www.facebook.com/harleylive#!/events/186719198155713/ WEDNESDAY 20th NOVEMBER 2013 SJM Concerts presents The Heavy Plus Special Guests 14+. U18s must be accompanied Doors: 7:00pm Tickets: £12.00 advance
  8. We are pleased to announce Conan will be playing at The Harley, during the Detestival on the 02.10.2013. Tickets are £5, they can be bought here: http://www.harleylive.co.uk/ticket-shop/
  9. We are pleased to announce that The Leisure Society will be playing at Queens Social Club Tuesday 26th Novemeber 2013. Ticket links and more details: https://www.facebook.com/harleylive#!/events/596007390438227/ TUESDAY 26th NOVEMBER 2013 Harley Live presents The Leisure Society 18+ Doors: 7:00pm Ticket Price: £9.00 (non-members) £8.50 (members)
  10. We are excited to announce that Lanterns on the Lake will be playing at The Harley on Monday 14th October 2013. Ticket links and more details: https://www.facebook.com/harleylive#!/events/453740034722694/ MONDAY 14th OCTOBER 2013 Harley Live Presents Lanterns on the Lake 18+ Doors: 7:00pm Ticket Price: £8.00 (non members) £7.50 (members)
  11. We are happy to announce that the Temples will be stopping off at Queens Social Club during their UK tour this October. Ticket links and more details: https://www.facebook.com/harleylive#!/events/594637293889952/ TUESDAY 8th OCTOBER 2013 SJM Concerts Present Temples 18+ Doors: 7pm Ticket Price: £9.00
  12. We are incredibly excited to announce that Japanese pop-punk trio Shonen Knife will play live at Queens Social Club this September. After over 30 years of making some of the most distinctive and upbeat technicolour guitar-pop around, the band will return to the UK for just a tiny handful of UK dates. Ticket links and more details: https://www.facebook.com/events/133667663496626/?ref=22 Friday 6th September Shonen Knife Queens Social Club, Sheffield 7.30pm 18+ Advance tickets: £9.50 Harley Live members, £10.00 non-members, more on the door Tickets available with no booking fee from The Harley, The Wick At Both Ends, Record Collector and The Old Sweet Shop
  13. One of our favourite bands, legendary Minnesota alt-rock outfit Low return to the UK this November. They'll be stopping off in Sheffield on Saturday 16th November, and we're incredibly excited to say that they'll be back at Queens for their second show for Harley Live. https://www.facebook.com/events/380515558731965 Here's the ludicrously beautiful 'Just Make It Stop' from their latest album The Invisible Way, out now on Sub Pop Records. http://www.subpop.com/releases/low/full_lengths/the_invisible_way Saturday 16th November Low Queens Social Club, Sheffield 18+ 7.30pm Advance tickets: £18.50 Harley Live members, £19.50 non-members, more on the door Buy tickets with no booking fee from The Harley, The Wick At Both Ends, The Old Sweet Shop or Record Collector http://www.harleylive.co.uk/ticket-shop/
  14. Heads up: our Marnie Stern and Sky Larkin show has now moved to The Great Gatsby on Division Street. All original tickets are still valid, of course, and if you've not got yours yet, look sharp, as this is almost certain to sell out!
  15. VENUE CHANGE: Monday's show will now be happening at The Harley, instead of at Queens, but all original tickets are still valid.
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