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  1. Many people actually choose where they want to live. I know people living in the E and N of Sheffield who have lived there all their life and stick close to the family and would never want to move. Personally, if I had a budget for a house I would always buy smaller in a better area with less crime, better facilities, close access to the Peaks rather than a bigger house in a less serviced area. The people who commissioned this report should factor that in. Working hard and saving for a house is an option if you are driven and for some they are happy to stay where they are.Its not always to do with deprivation. Also the difference in life expectancy hinges on many people knowing that smoking, drinking and overeating reduces their life expectancies but they know that and want to do it anyway.Again , down to personal choice.
  2. Can any plumber give me advice on my boiler? I need to know the cost to fix it if possible I think the problem is that it needs a new diaphgram for the diverter valve. It is a Worcester Bosch 28CDI RSF. The pressure tap is also in need of fixing as we have had to top up the pressure regularly. I dont know how old it is as it was already in the house when I bought it 3 years ago. Thanks
  3. I attended. I live in Nether Edge so it was a short walk for me. It was very well attended. In fact we couldnt get a seat in The Broadfield afterwards. It was heaving! Nice to see other areas getting a look in other than Ecclesall, Sharrowvale and Nether Edge.
  4. Walking around Nether Edge yesterday it seems that the Council have stopped emptying street bins as I went passed 2 of them and both were overflowing. Whats going on?
  5. It is such a shame. I know that Shaffaq was totally against it.I love that shop and shall be very sad to see it go. I also wont shop there on principle.
  6. Does anyone actually know their MPS very well? Making a sweeping statement about all MPs is a tad harsh unless you have personally being in touch with them or you know them and can say that for sure.
  7. Here are all Sheffields libraries. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/libraries/find/all.html Personally I feel that is a lot of libraries. Being able bodied I wouldnt mind having to walk further to a library if my local one closed, but I can see that for people who are disabled this isnt an option. I do think it is important to get users views. The survey will ask the questions that it needs answers to and they may be pitched in a certain way but to be fair there was an opportunity to add any additional comments if you felt that you had been led to give a specific answer. I always try to participate in users surveys if I can. After all you cant argue about outcomes if you dont Have Your Say in the first place.
  8. Which is a result of the 13 years of mismanagement of the country s finances by the the previous Labour administration. An inherited situation which the coalition has been attempting to tackle now for over 2 years.
  9. I suppose everyone has a different view about what should be cut and what should not be.I havent sat in a recent meeting so I cant comment on that. But even if that was the case the budget had still been set to afford them in the first place so it was do able. Obviously when a different administration comes in they have different priorities like going back to 'favoured areas' which I dont agree with. But hey the people of Sheffield voted for it so that is what we have to deal with now.
  10. That simply isn't true. When the budget was set by the Lib Dems when in power there was enough money in the budget to ensure weekly collections, without any offer from the Govt. Labour got in and changed that.Lib Dems blaming the council is because it is Labour who set the current budget and chose not to offer weekly collections. Personally I see it as a civic duty to have a bin emptied weekly.Aside from the health hazards.We live in a civilised society and have this as a minimum expectation. Thats just my opinion but there are many others who agree. a bin that is full of nappies or dog poo for 2 weeks isn't hygienic. Yes I agree we can all do more to recycle but for some families issues like nappy disposal is something they are concerned about.
  11. What I am saying is that the people who run a City should do the best it can for the residents of that City and if there was an opportunity to obtain money to ensure that people could continue with a weekly collection simply by applying for some funding then I see it as a duty of that Council to do so whether it be Sheffield, Manchester or any other place in the country. 2 wrongs dont make a right IMO.
  12. No link I just know that it was said at a meeting.And its from a reliable source.
  13. Im not sure what you mean by this. Labour controlled Sheffield City Council chose not to take money that was on offer from the coalition to keep weekly bin collections.Simple fact.
  14. So can I just get this straight. You think that we should cap executive pay say of the top 100 FTSE Companies (as an example) and then ask those privately owned Companies to contribute to the running of our libraries here in Sheffield???
  15. Ok, so whats the first step? .To make them volunteer. I imagine that you have no answer for this one, but please lets hear what your ideas are so that we can pass them on to our MPs and see what they can do.
  16. So you think that we should attempt to "make' people, i.e. bankers volunteer then, rather than accepting that they wont??
  17. I think The Guardian may disagree with you on that. http://m.guardian.co.uk/ms/p/gnm/op/view.m?id=15&gid=%2Fcommentisfree%2F2012%2Faug%2F09%2Flibe-dems-stronger-cameron-needs-clegg&cat=commentisfree#.UCtjGJtA1T4.facebook
  18. Well yes but both you and I know that the chances of that are happening are rather remote so no point getting frustrated about it IMO.
  19. The Labour Council chose not to take up money from the coalition to enable them to continue with weekly collections saying that they dont want the coalition money.Its an absolute disgrace that the people of Sheffield have to put up with that just so that Labour can say that they didn't take coalition money. Ridiculous.
  20. You seem a tad bitter. Maybe Sheffield has always had its big society, way before Cameron thought that he had thought it up. There are many small and medium( and large )Companies who depend on their volunteers and have done for years. I am a member of the National Trust who have an army of them. People who enjoy work, sharing their knowledge for the benefit of others without having the restrictions that one would have as an employee.
  21. Believe it or not there are many many people who actually love volunteering and want to do it for many reasons. Not everything is about money in this world , though I know that many people think it is. The library already has many people volunteering.It could be that some branches may have already had to close had they not had those people. The facts are that there seems to be not enough money ( or so Labour tells us) to run all the libraries that we currently have so something has to go or money has to come from somewhere. I am often astounded by the many people who belittle others ideas to save money but dont ever seem able to come up with constructive arguments as to how something is actually going to work.The Labour Council are offering a survey so that people can have their say. That is after all what democracy is about isnt it.
  22. I've done the survey online. I think they need to incorporate other services within libraries to make them more effective economically. If there isnt enough money then we have to find ways of bringing in money and by law they cant charge for books so they have to find other ways of making it work. This will involve either cutting back on the wage bill by using more volunteers or getting commercial ventures involved. Its not rocket science.
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