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  1. I have not been in general discussions to look round for a couple of months. When you leave it that long you see apart from one or two so far in this thread what a bunch of immature fools now post in this forum. The moderators and the owner must weep at what it has become.
  2. lol But he/she has the correct observation about rotherham town centre.
  3. Yes but the point is many on here think it is. I can only assume they never cross the penines.
  4. I can only assume your eyes have got no better since the 5/12/2012. I only opened this post to see why it had been resurrected, you are still wrong but I am flattered lol.
  5. Call this snow lol. Amusing thread though as my fathers GMC would just drive over most of the toy 4x4's here lol.
  6. Do not add everybody on the planet who sends a friend request, even better unsubcribe from facebook anyway. Bet someone says it might not be fb lol.
  7. Your eyes must be bad, it was never in homeworld it was in the big W. The staff moved to the rotherham store from catcliffe while the prefeb was being made ready at the side of Morrisons and you never noticed none of this. Reminder to me, do not accept lift in car lol.
  8. whether you like to hear it or not, you will face a race war in this country because it will be forced upon you without a choice.
  9. I'm a straight bloke but i think Nickhill is a good looking bloke and Genny is as ugly as a pig!... Don't worry it may not work out then you are free to pursue nickhill, that is along he thinks you are fit lol.
  10. So just to clarify this, you have no need for the people but you never watch the tv because its made in korea or japan, you only eat yorkshire pudding, you only drive ....opppssyyy stuck on that one seeing as there are no brtish car companys, you work for someone who never needs to export to any other country, you school your children at home as not to have them contaminated.....Point made i think.
  11. Tell that to all the people sandwiched into the apple store in meadowhall today. I am sure they would have willingly thrown you over the balcony.
  12. We have professional beggars back home, all the locals know them and we say hello that's all, the tourists on the other hand make them a very good living tax free. Here though as with say Toronto, without knowing the person can you differentiate between the genuine and the con.
  13. Who you gonna call !!!!!! ..............................oppsssss wrong thread ...
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