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    The measures of civilisation like the acceptance of the diversity of sexuality and quality real ale.
  1. A friend of a friend who swam there said she became infected with a parasite: duck lice apparently. So maybe not dangerous, but unpleasant.
  2. I'd always been impressed by the quality of the food at Zinf Vaa. Where will I go for my crispy lamb starter now?
  3. I paid Carson a visit yesterday & was similarly disappointed. I had hoped it had just moved, but the Sheffield Forum folk have put me straight. Sad news. I will miss them. ---------- Post added 22-09-2018 at 09:19 ---------- Staples has retreated online: https://www.staples.co.uk/
  4. I've asked at two Co-ops. One said: we sell what we are given, The other where I've bought it before, checked that there wasn't any in stock, but had no idea whether any more would come in. Customer feedback does not seem to be their big thing! ---------- Post added 22-09-2018 at 09:08 ---------- They didn't have this problem as when I saw it on the shelf, I cleared the shelf! I think Aldi sells it. I'll try there. ---------- Post added 22-09-2018 at 09:08 ---------- The experts are here!
  5. I used to be able to get this at the Co-op near Castle Market, but I can't find it anywhere now. Any news?
  6. I've had many lovely meals there. The last time I went there on spec, there were no free tables. I will miss Ramas. There are enough pizza places on Crookes as it is.
  7. The word on the street is that the postman mislaid the key to this box for a while. It's back in use now!
  8. I'm told the post box at the corner of Mulehouse Road & Stannington View Road in Crookes has been blocked up. We seem to have lost a lot of post boxes across Sheffield, not to mention post offices. I don't think privatisation is doing us any favours...
  9. I'm sad to see another co-op store go. The pharmacies went a few years back. It will become a Budgens. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-3571432/Somerfield-op-Budgens-Thirty-six-supermarkets-change-names-time-eight-years.html
  10. Getting on a 52a First bus by the City Hall this afternoon, I asked for Crookes & the driver told me he wasn't going to Crookes but was diverting along South Road to Walkley due to an accident. I asked about the 51 & he said that was diverting too. I walked up to Crookes & there was no sign of any accident. Was I told a load of rubbish?
  11. Never to vote for the Lib Dems in Hallam ever again.
  12. Thanks Ianshef. I'm quite happy to leave some money to charities in my will, assuming there will be any left after the funeral.
  13. Yes Death stalks us all. Well, him ant' tax man.
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