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  1. phillydelphia club,upperthorpe its a great venue for a party and has a very large room ,its spotless and very clean as i go in a few times a week,pm me and i can get you a contact number tomorrow
  2. but just suppose you have no intention of going abroad ,thousands dont so why would they require a passport ? many people dont apply for a driving licence either because they have no inclination to own a vehicle of course you could include the disabled ,the blind and the house bound in respect of not needing a driving licence or passport,so it is unreasonable to expect them to apply for one isnt it ?
  3. well said and lets hope they all return home safe
  4. a couple of weeks ? you are joking ,im on a local tenants association and have regular complaints from local people that their children / relations have been waiting years for a council dwelling ,one lad i know has been sleeping on the canal bank since february ,he did get a hostel during the cold weather but this was only if he called every day to the housing office ,it was called weather watch and there wasnt that many places , but now winter is over it no longer exists
  5. simple answer , just walk on by,you will soon be out of ear shot and be able to carry on doing what you want to do
  6. of course you can say it the human rights act says you are entitled to an opinion any one saying you cant have an opinion is just a leftie , you only get into trouble with the law if you cause upset ,telling what you think isnt going to far is it ? its not racism ,its common sense to speak your mind,or do people want zombies instead of folks who stand by their beliefs every man woman and child has a voice ,thats what makes britain the great country it is,as long as your opinion isnt intended as malicious you have nothing to fear,its like all the rubish about people cant wear a crucifix at work in case it offends others ,ive yet to meet any one who objects to it ,but no doubt there will be some on here who have ....
  7. wise up ,there is no longer a waiting list the council always has room for the people who just turn up from other countries ,social workers and solicitors make sure they have first choice
  8. i think she has , the freeloaders who come here also have them some may be bogus so i think thats the reason for the security check on applicants ,after all an employer wouldnt want a large fine for employing illegals,so , whats next ? id papers with photographs on ,a fine if you dont carry them at all times ? sounds like nazi germany to me , all i need is to hear some bloke in a black leather overcoat say to me " for you ze vor ist over "
  9. :hihi: wards ? hells bells it was clearing out medicine when i was a lad , mondays at work were the worst days of the week
  10. thank you for that ,i suppose the ones that fail uni or drop out dont bother to sign on ,they go straight into a chippie
  11. hate it ,im not a big drinker anyway three or four pints of lager twice a week does me
  12. no insult at all ,just pointing out the facts,the same as i did early when i mentioned equality with your photographs,by the way is that you posting or the other one of you
  13. we have quite a lot here were i live ,they are a nice bunch ,always polite and helpfull, some of the ladies are very pretty and as my son says ,you never see one signing on,good luck to them and i hope they enjoy sheffield while they are here
  14. you ask me to ask you a question then throw up a few of your own which you also answered,i dont think you really know whats what ,after all you appear to be talking to yourself and answering yourself at the same time ,try looking at it logically would you chat to any one who thinks they know whats what by asking themselves questions ? then answering said questions themselves ?,one question i will ask you though, is, are you biased or just afraid to show both sides of an argument ,second thoughts its a silly request ,after all you do answer and reply to your self... goodbye mr sleeps i do sincerely hope you get better ,maybe you will then see what others see , one sided arguments seldom carry any weight
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