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  1. How could anyone offend you Darbeez ??
  2. WHY ???? read my post on people on benefits... thats bloody why.. Wonder what gordon is having for tea tonight ???? No bills no outgoings just our money feeding a fat greedy get of a so called labour(sic) politician... WNKR:rant:
  3. OOPS! misread funny bones then.. that could have been a bit of a faux pas :hihi:
  4. GOOGLE Say's NO !! Cough!!!:hihi:
  5. EEEEE you cant beat someone elses dirty laundry being aired on a forum can you ??? Drinking and driving eh ?? Slap around the face and the vulgar term for go away springs to mind... What an appendage
  6. Ghosts, static, ions ???? Piffle !!!! Stoop over a mirror lain on the floor and look deep into it, if you call my name and concentrate I shall appear
  7. Electrostatic charge generator !!! Tried ebay by any chance ???
  8. AH HA another hentai Batmong fan Welcome to the forum
  9. No problems here either !! Scooby wrx sti flies through the snow if i let 10 psi out of my tyres...
  10. Mores the point to this thread, why when someone is sat in front of a computer do they insist on asking inane questions like "Where is there a mazda dealer in sheffield?" for example !! Never heard of a search engine then ?? Doh !!
  11. Have a look on facebook groups for sheffield photography, theres hundreds and hundreds on there...
  12. You sad people "shall we go home ??" All main routes are open and the busses are running ok (makes a change !) You will be moaning its too hot in a few months time.. tsk tsk...
  13. Beauchief golf course opposite the old abbey, its massive and really fast
  14. I took my son up to have a go for the pike in frechville pond yesterday using plugs and spinners, no luck !! I did however see a half dead tench (now despatched) that weighed about 3lbs. An elderly chap told me that the environment dept had been up and taken fish out of the pond, he thought that they were going to clean the pond out again and then re introduce the fish.. It could make a really good fishing venue if the locals did a bit of policing when the kids start throwing rubbish in.. Will update this post when i do a bit of digging around tomorrow to find out whats happening with the pond..
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