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  1. I will make a decision based on the majority of answers. I cant do with these claims for nothing such as whiplash in a very minor bump of the coffee was too hot so not sure if im making a mountain out of a molehill. I recently bought a car from a main dealer 3 weeks ago and paid the balance of over £15000 with 3 different cards. The company that processes the cards for the car dealer took twice the amount off each card and relieved me of over £30k. They noticed the next day got the salesman to call me and put the money back the next day. I understand the card processing is a different company but they are working on behalf of the car dealer and so the garage is responsible My problem is I went overdrawn on all 3 accounts, I haven't ever been overdrawn on the last 20yrs, never had a late payment and the only loan I have is for the car I just bought. I got in touch with the 3 accounts call centres and was told that there would be no problem with my credit rating etc, however I called in at the Santander to speak to someone face to face rather than a call centre bod who will say anything to get rid of me and was told there will be 2 charges on my account, 1 for unauthorised overdraft and one for the extra payment. The other 2 accounts I don't know yet as not had my statement yet. Im not looking for a grovelling apology from the MD, however a phone call from the salesman to tell me of the problem is the last thing I heard. I have spent quite a bit of time on this chasing 3 banks up and probably getting wrong information which I may not know till I try again for credit of the repercussions. After all this waffle am I justified in asking the garage to make some sort of gesture, I will claim back any charges my banks give me but I reckon a free service from them as a gesture would not go amiss. They can lose the labour costs and the parts will be a few quid
  2. A friend of mine is working in Japan and can get me an Ipad retina and cellular for a great price from the Apple store there as opposed to buying it from Apple in rip off Britain. I've not got any apple products but am considering selling my soul and buying one, however a couple of questions. The cellular is only available to the Japanese network so will it be easy to unlock and use over here, Ive had a quick look at threads regd Iphone so would imagine similar but the sim card I would be using would be a pay as you go. Also as I dont know how to use an i pad would I still get the free tuition in the Apple store, the guys in the Apple store said as long as the ipad is bought from an apple store can get tuition in any of the stores although at the time I didnt mention its a different country. The last question is the cellular worth it. I do travel out and about round Yorkshire with work but would there be enough wi fi hot spots to mean the cellular would not be worth the extra in initial cost and monthly sim card many thanks in advance
  3. Would give it 2/10. Nearly fell asleep halfway through, memo to self, no more chick flix
  4. Thanks for the info guys, if you see an old fart in the Apple store in Meadowhell making notes and taking photos of I phones and I pads say hello to me
  5. A bit of a strange question. A poster on another forum just paid £150 for a brand new I phone 3 in Thailand. He got it from Tuc.com in Pattaya which I know having been there is a large shopping mall just for computer/electrical gear. We all know Thailand is famous for fakes but is the price just a good deal as it wasnt bought in rip off Britain. I am in Thailand later this year so will go have a look Obviously if there is only 1 a in apple or the logo is a coconut, but on a serious note anything obvious to show its a fake, It seems I am only 1 of 500 people in the UK who dont have an I phone so no idea what to look for, also if the price is right will probably look at an I pad
  6. Bruno was rubbish and Borat was very good, this is superb. The funniest film I have seen in years, from the very start it is very funny and I think it manages to offend everyone. I had tears rolling down my face and would go and watch it again in case I missed some of the jokes.
  7. depends on how much an hour, and if you are male or female. Not being sexist but I have both female and male friends and the ladies seem to do a better job of cleaning. I see you are moving or now living in Barnsley and so do I so not much travelling
  8. Had one/two over 12 months and its brilliant. Downside is I left my 1st one on a bus in Cambodia so had to buy another when I came back, (not worth claiming off hol insurance cos of having to stand 1st £50. What I didnt know was that all the books I had stored on it was just transferred straight over to my new one, no charge and done for me. I take the thing everywhere with me, so light and easy to use and usually charge it once every 2/3 weeks. I havent got the 3G version as I just order online at Amazon and download off my wi fi. I have never been desperate enough when out to order a book there and then to read A brand new book just released will be similar price to new hardbook price in Asda/Tesco. Loads of books free to try and tempt you so if you want others from the same author will have to pay, but usually fairly cheap. I have discovered several new authors and less than a £1 for a book is quite common.
  9. I cant believe the crap I have read on hear and heard on Radio Sheffield. It seems to me there are so many dumb ass blades. Im a Barnsley fan and Danny got us playing some quality football. He left to go to the Owls but I didnt want his blood, he went to a bigger club probably on more money with a chance to better himself. How many people on here in their line of work wouldnt go to work for another company for better prospects, conditions and pay. These things happen and what does it matter who worked for who. All his teams play football and yes at Swindon this season was no good but the season before didnt he get to the play offs, and at Hartlepool he didnt do too bad. I didnt take any notice of Derek Dooley as before my time, but didnt he have some to do with the Owls before going to the Blades (or vice versa) and now he is in folklore as a god. After the season John Sheridan just had what would the opinions be if he had got the job? The biggest job at Brammall Lane this year will be adjusting the seats on the terraces and pointing them at the pitch instead of facing the top of the stands where the ball spends most of its time being hoofed up the pitch. With Chris Morgan at his side (not the best footballer in the world but one of the most commited and genuine players) it wont be long before the Blades are singing 'Its just like watching Barnsley' like we used to sing the 'Its just like watching Brazil' all them years ago. It will be a big change watching football at the lane and sometimes change is scary maybe thats why they are upset, but I believe Danny will do a very good job and maybe all the numpties who have tried and conicted him will come on here and eat humble pie, with a bit of cream
  10. thanks for the replies, my Isa made just over 20% last year. Went up from £11600 to £14000
  11. Question to all you finance bods out there. I took out a share Isa back in 1997 for 7k, I then had the pleasure of watching it bomb in the next 2 years and slowly build up. I got my statement yesterday and last year it made just over 20%. My question is if I had stuck my 7k in the building society and not touched it how much approx would it be worth now. thanks in advance
  12. cgk, nothing personal, the common sense bit was that millions of journeys have been made in the past with no problem but I know accidents do happen, if we had to make allowances for anything bad that could happen to us in life we would never leave the house, but then would it be safe in the house in case the roof fell in. The reason I asked the question in the 1st place was I didnt want to be stopped by the police for breaking the law
  13. thanks for the quick replies, this outing will probably be a one off but must admit I didnt realise the boosters were so cheap (thanks for the Halfords link). I think I was picturing full child seats and the like. Cgk, I would imagine there are millions of people over the age of 25 who have been in cars for 1000s of miles before the introduction of child seats and are still alive, and fit and well to tell the tale, this is what I meant by the common sense bit. Whilst not denying they may be better a 3 hours in a normal car aint going to do that much damage. However, I will invest in 3 of the boosters from Halfords. Thanks again
  14. I have had look at the links before posting this but still not too sure. I dont have kids so no child seats or restrictors in my car. A friend who is carless has 5 yr old twins and a 7 yr old and I was going to take them to the coast for the day. However reading some posts and the gov site it seems for a day out and a special treat for the kids who have only seen the sea once in their lives I have to buy child seats or restraints for this basic human right of a nice day out I have a 5 series BMW with 3 seat belts in the back which is where the little ones will be. It seems its ok to do this for short journeys but Sheffield to Scarborough is not a short journey. Im 45 and dont know anyone who has suffered because as a youngster they used normal seatbelts. Any info appreciated as I dont want to break the law but should common sense prevail.
  15. Thanks for the reply, Im looking for a either group lessons or one to one so I can ask the stupid questions you cant ask a CD.
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