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  1. You're not a Turd Ron. You know I like a bit of banter but you always come across as a decent bloke, even though you're a Tory.
  2. I think you are clearly back on here under another username?
  3. :hihi: You're scraping the bottom of the barrel Ron.
  4. That would be a great name for a burger. The do gooder.
  5. I'm very liberal, It's none of my business what you and the op get up too!
  6. Is that 17 down in today's Yorkshire Post cryptic crossword?
  7. Have you got a picture? It might look more appetizing than a double donut burger.
  8. Good on old Morales. It's good to see democratically elected governments building hope in Latin America.
  9. At least he'll be earning his living legally. Owt fell off the back of a lorry today Dessy?
  10. They play in Kidderminster these days.
  11. I've seen you in Just Natural buying apples.
  12. I can see you swanning around Monaco with your Che Guevara crew neck under a Ralph Lauren polo.
  13. Well said comrade, I imagine most places that are full of tax dodging loafers to be the same.
  14. Is that were Jim Rockford had his trailer in The Rockford Files? Jim and his old man Rocky would have fed the poor. Yanks always seemed like decent folk when I was young watching em on Telly.
  15. Interesting, could be another Smithy outcast. You just have to bide your time in my experience and it all falls into place.
  16. You know me love, I'm no bird of prey. Give us a kiss Frank.
  17. It's nice to have you back Frank. You often migrate to colder climates but you can't wait to get back to the warm SF nest.
  18. Good old Frank, always good for a bit of banter.
  19. 'Georgie, Porgie, bluster and sly, told the people his EU lie that the rebate was cut in half yet the people asked, are you having a larf?'
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