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  1. Sorry meant to put 30k* a year,that what the councillor leader gets to do bugga all,And they has definitely been a rise in population...massive


    Reports early this year that they was a wide range of vote rigging in sheffield at the previous local election..

    doesn't surprise me one bit


    You're a crap wind-up merchant!

  2. I'm not. He may sincerely believe he is acting selflessly; however, it's very easy to fool yourself. People are very complex creatures. It's a *very* rare and special thing for a person to be selfless; monks can take decades of hard dedicated practice to cultivate such qualities. How much cultivating has Russell Brand done?


    Anyhow, I hope you're right; it would be a good thing to have more decent people in the world; you'll have to forgive me my cynicism though; I think I may have seen too much of people.


    We're did you get that quote from Waldo?

  3. Yes he and Joan Maynard who lived on the corner at Page Hall and was a friend of mine, Joan and Martin where true socialists no private education, no fiddling, no knocking around wi big time Charley's taking the freebies on offer .


    Decent folk cuttsie. They'd mop the floor with the present mob who represent New Labour.

  4. Good Riddance , wont be missed if true . Any chance she can take the rest of her useless Council Comrades with her .


    ---------- Post added 06-12-2014 at 18:58 ----------



    Your mistaking him for that old raving mad socialist Galloway :)


    No I'm not Dessy. Owt fell off the back of a lorry today?

  5. Time will tell.


    I still think he's too flashy, all about 'appearance' (playing the media game and cultivating his own 'brand') and not so much about 'substance'.


    That just seems to be the way things are. Style over substance everytime. It's just the way our culture is. I think it's crap.


    That's fine, it's bloody fantastic that someone who is so critical and cynical is being heard though. He's giving a lot of folk an insight into how the system works.

  6. I find him to be sensationalist, thoughtless and a bit reckless with other people's feelings. What he did with Andrew Sachs told me everything I'll ever want to know about his character (also, I dislike Jonathan Ross).


    That was bloody awful, but he's moved on and maybe that was the catalyst for him becoming a more thoughtful human being.

  7. I'm no fan of RB either (though I dislike him a lot less than I do The Sun). But yeah, he's clearly playing them, and it's working a treat!


    I've had my doubts but he's very passionate. He's had his problems like most of us but he seems less self obsessed these days. I enjoy watching and listening to him, he's beat his demons and I find him a decent and caring human being. I can't understand why anyone hates him?

  8. Had to laugh at The Sun 'newspaper' taking him on. Are the editor mentally dim or something, are they trying to give him additional exposure and make themselves look stupid in to the bargain?


    They best thing (from their POV) they could do would be ignore him.


    He's ruffling feathers, they can't understand why somebody who's in the black is being cynical.

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