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  1. What do you fancy in the 1:35 at Huntingdon tomorrow?
  2. I've not got a clue what you're on about Waldo but it's not a problem mate.
  3. This one? http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1352692&page=27
  4. http://www.london24.com/news/the_13_best_tony_benn_quotes_1_3433690
  5. Decent folk cuttsie. They'd mop the floor with the present mob who represent New Labour.
  6. No I'm not Dessy. Owt fell off the back of a lorry today?
  7. That's fine, it's bloody fantastic that someone who is so critical and cynical is being heard though. He's giving a lot of folk an insight into how the system works.
  8. That was bloody awful, but he's moved on and maybe that was the catalyst for him becoming a more thoughtful human being.
  9. Good old cuttsie. Do you remember that old Flannery bloke who represented us in S6? He was worth a million compared to the present mob.
  10. I've had my doubts but he's very passionate. He's had his problems like most of us but he seems less self obsessed these days. I enjoy watching and listening to him, he's beat his demons and I find him a decent and caring human being. I can't understand why anyone hates him?
  11. He's a privately educated ex stockbroker, ex Tory and a Thatcher lover. He's not fooling Stan!
  12. He's ruffling feathers, they can't understand why somebody who's in the black is being cynical.
  13. Not mine either, funny lot those public school types!
  14. I've been told he looks fetching in a latex catsuit puffing on a fag through a gasmask!
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