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  1. Well that’s one out of action already. Crashed into a truck and derailed at Darnall. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-news-live-major-incident-declared-as-tram-crashes-into-lorry-in-sheffield-and-crashes-1-9412673/amp?__twitter_impression=true
  2. The majority in the city centre already do that. The police stand by and do nothing as they rob the local independent shops, spit at people or even assault them and damage property and this is speaking from vast experience. I’ve lived and worked in the city centre for years and it’s funny as soon as everyone’s gone home for the night or it rains all these “homeless” people suddenly disappear. It’s also interesting to see them chucking food and drinks away that people buy them as they wanted money instead or rushing around town in the morning for the best pitch to pretend they’ve slept in all night.
  3. Don’t worry they’ll not do that they’re too busy drinking coffee at McDonalds in Handsworth
  4. Confirmed https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/napoleons-to-close-one-of-its-sheffield-casinos-1-8947949
  5. Yes they're opening on the Market Street end toward Argos
  6. Oh god Cuttsie/Judd Newto/Samssong Your rambling has been done to death people and times move on and so should you.
  7. From the ones I've seen it just seems to be an excuse for small men who like the sound of their own voice to act the hard man. That bloke was attacked as a direct result of the "catcher" announcing to all and sundry the guy was a paedo what happens if he's wrong? if others start naming whoever they like as a paedo?
  8. Then why do it in public? There's plenty of places they could go out of the way but why bother when people like yourself will sit and make excuses for them and suggest that yet more public money should be spent on them than already is.
  9. The majority of those in the city centre have homes to go to especially the two eastern european woman that frequent Chapel walk who even enough to pay for monthly bus passes. I've also witnessed a few homeless people being dontated food only to chuck it away or refuse it as they want money. The shops in the city centre are fighting a losing battle against them too as they will come in shoplift and leg it knowing full well the police won't do anything.
  10. They're about to have a complete refurb of the frontages to the entire retail park.
  11. And I agreed with that quote. It's still a front to sell sports memorabilia and pay no rates/minimal rent and call themselves a charity.
  12. He's right though How is promoting football (that's all it does at the min) by chucking some football memorabilia in a window and opening a cafe class as a charity in the first place?!?
  13. They've revised their schedule and now intend to open May 2017
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