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  1. Thanks for your response - I'll take my reading glasses and read the notice!!! Regards Dawn
  2. Hello All Would anyone share information re the 'proposed' changes to parking allowed on Acorn Drive? Apparently the residents of that road have been sent letters, but as parking restrictions are likely to affect the surrounding roads too, it would be useful to know what is likely to happen. Many thanks
  3. Hi, I am looking for a 'buddy' to help motivate me get back into swimming/walking/any type of excercise. I lost weight about 4 years ago but its gradually crept back on, as I really find it difficult to motivate myself. (I'm good at motivating other people lol!!) I am a full member of Hillsborough leisure centre, so anything there would be fine, and live in the Stannington area so plenty of countryside for walking/cycling Do you think we could help each other? Thanks
  4. hi we have asked Origins Broadband to supply our internet connection - we live at the top of Stannington.They are supposed to be in contact with us, re changing over to them, but we cannot get them to answer the phone, and all they have done is take £60 out of my husbands bank account, without providing the service they promised. Looks like they have gone bust to me....anyone else have problems??
  5. Hi Michelle - its Dawn! - garden stuff from my mums ok I hope.?? Anyway, I have some more at my house - a composter - unfortunatly full, but we could empty it...a water barrell (like my mums!) and some plantpots and plastic bowls - may be other stuff!! I don't do gardening anymore, so I will pss on anything I won't use. Hope you are ok cheers Dawn
  6. Don't know if there is any interest still in this post - but just to say I worked at Batchelors for 15 years, all but a few days, from 1974. I started working as a clerk, for Kath Keyworth, and ended my career as the Batchelors accountancy trainee....having worked in accounts, Catering, john guy's gofer, and Marketing. I recognise several of the names mentioned...I mostly worked in Batchelors Catering Supplies - Bill Smart, Guy Roberts, Roger ? I remember Pam in stationery - we called her 'bleedin' Pam' as that was her favourite swear word. I knew loads of people there, and funnily enough I ran into one lady yesterday who worked opposite me in accounts - together with Jack Rhodes...our conversations must have broadened his horizons!!!!! Let me know if anyone remembers.....I was tall, blond...very dopey, and my name was Dawn Ronksley.
  7. Hi I'm interested in taking a counselling course, (there is a rumour that there is a shortage of counsellors)..without going into too much detail. Someone I know has mentioned this 'the Academy:SPACE' to me. Has anyone any knowledge of their work? Do they deliver what they promise? Counselling/Therapy is a very difficult area to get into, I think due to all the, probably necessary, red tape. Help anyone? thanks
  8. Specsavers in Hillsborough prescribed new glasses for my mum. When she went back, after 2 weeks trying to get 'used' to the new glasses, she was told that the reason she could't see properly, using the new specs, was that she had catatacts in both eyes. You would have thought they should have told her that before selling her new glasses! After she had her cateracts sorted, Specsavers re-tested her eyes, and wanted to charge her £40 for replacement lenses. I then stepped in, (my mum is 84!) and Specsavers agreed to supply the replacement lenses at no charge. Just my experience of them......needless to say I won't be going there!
  9. How could I forget - I worked there from 1973 to 1989 approx
  10. Yes, i thought as much....just as well I have had my eyes lasered, so I can keep one on the road surface, one on the traffic signs, and one on the car in front!! Crazy I say
  11. Mmm not sure what you are referring to...the road or the floor of the tram?? Either way, when I took my driving test, I'm sure these were not included!!!
  12. I thought it was part of the tram gate which allowed ordinary, car tax paying users in the middle of the day - got a £30 fine for my mistake!! Honestly - our traffic restrictions for the "Ghost Train" ooops - I mean Supertram, are a joke!! Why should we be forced to go miles out of the way, using up petrol and tyres?? I lived on Holme Close about 20 years ago, and I believe things were much better the way they were!!! Grrrr!!!
  13. Sometimes a bad relationship can seem worthwhile simply because it adds drama to life. Without this relationship you will have the opportunity to create something else. You know it, or you wouldn't ask for advice to re-inforce your own feelings. Do it the quickest and most painless way possible, and then get on with your life. The longer you wait, the more you will wonder why you did, when you look back at this period of your life. Good Luck
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