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  1. Likewise, if anyone has a place but has had to pull out, could you PM me (or post here) as I'd like to buy your place. Thanks.
  2. I presume that if you take up another person's number there is a procedure for the race organisers to update their entrants list? I wouldn't want someone else to get my PB
  3. It's been there since at least 8am. Can only speculate. Nothing on http://www.southyorks.police.uk/news either.
  4. Very disappointed with the decision to progress. In my objection to the planning application I noted the fact that several sites nearby are larger, have been cleared for many years (and presumably available for purchase), and thus cheaper to build on, appeared to weaken the argument the University put forward that it was necessary to demolish a listed building so as to create space for a new one. 1) The site bound by Newcastle, Portobello, Rockingham Streets is vacant and has been for years. It is also right next to the Hadfield/Mappin/Johnson buildings complex that houses their Engineering depts. 2) The site bound by Broad Lane and Garden Street is also cleared for development and directly abuts the North Campus site. How are these alternatives not suitable?
  5. Lower end of Gleadless Road was out until about 1830. Know where your torches and candles are for next time!
  6. By train? 0735 Sheffield - 0915 Liverpool South Parkway thence shuttle bus to John Lennon Airport. More details here.
  7. Veolia (on behalf of the council) can do this for you. I don't know how their charges compare with other companies: http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/environment/waste/bincollections/bulkycollections
  8. The N1 runs past the end of Herries Road South. For £2.50 leaving at 1am, 2am, 3am Friday & Saturday nights that's not bad. By the looks of things the routes appear a bit random but they must have been trying to work out how to serve as many people as possible with just three routes. I could see myself getting the N2 since at least one Sharrow Vale pub has last orders 12:50am. Hunters Bar to Heeley via, er, Meadowhead? You're on for £2.50.
  9. To those that would get upset when met with incredulity about their ghost stories you must bear in mind that the simplest explanation is likely to be the true one. Don't get me wrong, with the necessary suspension of disbelief they make great tales and fire the imagination, but they're just fairy tales all told. Doesn't make them true. The alleged tunnel on the Wentworth estate is most likely to be a deliberate or accidental confusion by whoever started the tale between the many mines (not sure if drift or pit) in the area, the actual folly called Needle's Eye, which was specifically built as a wager that the 2nd Marquess of Rockingham could drive a coach and horses though it, and the likely perception at the time that the Earl Fitzwilliam could probably afford to build a tunnel for the sheer sake of it.
  10. It does seem that it will be a new route for the Sheaf Valley Walk project. Although this is signposted from Millhouses Park to Granville Road it does take some odd turns where there are gaps in the route. Presumably it'll all be joined up one day. This is obviously one of those bits that will eventually join up to something!
  11. Here's a lovely new footpath & cyclepath leading off Broadfield Way and running behind the new units on Broadfield Close, right alongside The Sheaf. Obviously recently laid and freshly painted. All well and good but it leads precisely nowhere. The mesh fence you're confronted with looks like it's the very back of Laver's new yard on Little London Road. So the question is... where do they intend to join it up to and when? My guess is a new footbridge to bring you out at Arnside Terrace.
  12. Gleadless Road, inbound, between Daresbury Road and Abney Road. Terrible.
  13. Darling & Evans are very good and are still taking patients I believe. Usual lead time for new patients to be seen is about 3-4 weeks (this is standard), so if it's more urgent they may be able to accommodate you. Or go to Charles Clifford if it's really urgent. I hadn't (re-)registered with a dentist for ten years because of phobia, so I get where you're coming from, but I've pretty much overcome that now because a good dentist will put you at ease and take their time.
  14. That's not a proper reason! There's no reason at all why this stretch should not be 60 or NSL. You could even have the boundary between 40 and the upper limit set just past (eastbound) or before (westbound) the turning for the Mossbrook Nursery as I agree there's a need to keep the limit lower there for safety reasons. However a traffic engineer acquaintance of mine once told me that in keeping the speed limit (40) well below the design speed for the road (70), people will tend to adopt a speed between the two (55), which they wouldn't do if the higher limit were posted. Reverse psychology?
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