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  1. I went to Kaunas in Lithuania and that had a small city, studenty, relatively laid back air similar to here though physically it wasn't really similar at all. Lovely place though.
  2. Heeley largely fits the bill too - Brother's Arms serves gluten free beer for Pete's sake (don't know who Pete is btw, but presumably he's coeliac or at least intolerant of wheat). Yet there is also an extremely mixed demographic in the area. Maybe it's changed recently courtesy of regeneration spilling over from Abbeydale Rd, new housing developments on East Bank Road end of the region, spill out from Meersbrook popularity etc...
  3. My office window isn't bad (in the house) - in fact I've only responded to this because I'm sat here avoiding work now! Given that I don't have an open house, Myrtle Road, roundabout the Ball Inn is possibly not a bad shout for a good view.
  4. You'd have to be mad to attempt a 180 back to Penistone Rd in the left hand lane there! Can't say I've ever come across it but I suppose anything is possible... don't think the markings are the problem though - I've never come across a roundabout where you would be able to do that in the left!
  5. Cheers, glad to hear that - had an offer accepted so hopefully moving forward with it. I am a secondary teacher so schools was something I'd considered (for any theoretical kids). To be honest, secondary is more of a concern than primary having had a look around. In that sense 11 plus years is a long time as far as school quality/admissions policies etc are concerned, so will begin to think about crossing that bridge if/when it comes! Thanks again for the comments.
  6. Seems to be the traditional thing to do on this thread so, here goes... Currently very seriously considering making an offer on a lovely house on this estate. We have had a drive about the area and viewed a couple of times but are both largely unfamiliar with that side of town (we're S6 at the moment but only a little terrace). As I see it, the little estate itself looks great, the surrounding area is basically a down to earth Sheffield suburb/inner city area with nicer bits a 15 minute trot over towards Chesterfield Rd (Sheaf View, Brothers Arms pub for eg) and less nice areas headed over to East Bank Rd and beyond. Not necessarily somewhere you'd particularly like your partner to be walking around at night/waiting for a bus on their own (where is I guess...), but conversely not the sort of place you'd feel like needing a stab vest on at 4pm... Wondered if the seemingly knowledgeable people on here had any pearls of wisdom that I should desperately know about, or whether my assessment was basically accurate!
  7. If I thought 80% of people called a car a fridge, it would still be a car. You asked what 'socialism' was and I have defined it's key ideological principle. Read some Marx if you want to know about the difference between socialism and communism.
  8. Despite unbeliever's superb treatise on the subject, socialism is a term referring to the ownership and control of the means of production, which was developed (though didn't originate) during the upheaval of the Industrial Revolution. If you believe in the workers' ownership of the means of production or, at least, democratic control of the means of production then you might be a socialist, otherwise you're probably not.
  9. Nice one unbeliever, you have really shown him haven't you!
  10. I think it is from HMP Wakefield. I have seen a convoy leaving there most mornings about 8am, other than when I was delayed on the motorway, on which occasion it passed me on the M1 heading southbound.
  11. Maybe it is because I was in Hull last weekend but I have to say that in ten years to this point I have never thought of Sheffield city centre as anything but decent. Yes it has its share of ne'er-do-wells but in a city of half a million people anything else would be surprising. Stop sensationalising - we're not living in The Bronx!
  12. Snapped my forearm playing football (radius) and carted off to A and E in Chesterfield. Nice clean break but didn't come through the skin luckily - looked good though. GF at the time arrived at hospital to find me on gas and air in the middle of having it reset - probably looked like I was in labour. Worst of it was that it wasn't proper football, it was in my first year of teaching playing a game of one-bounce with some 6 formers on a residential trip in the peaks. Tried a semi-overhead to keep the ball alive and slipped on the dew. All this at 10pm waiting for the smaller kids to get ready for bed. Looked/felt/was a right numpty..!
  13. Drop me a PM if you are short a player for a regular/semi regular 5/6/7aside game. I am a bit out of practice (and match fitness) at the moment but was reasonable once upon a tim
  14. Dunno what has been happening, just been watching it on flightradar24.com buzzing around over our house in Walkley. Some ne'er do wells on the lam round the mean streets of S6, maybe!
  15. If the choice is between this plan and an empty, rotting building with no library at all, then I am all for it. Echo the above about such a place giving more options for an evening out round Walkley - The Blake is excellent but otherwise it's Hallamshire/Closed Shop and over to Broomhill/down towards town. Fair enough things might be a bit louder and open a bit later but in general I think that'd be a good thing!
  16. In the aftermath of all this I'm considering a cheeky tenner on Dan Jarvis to be the next PM. Has impressed me when I've seen him on telly (admittedly not loads) and I think someone with a background like that would be a breath of fresh air for the system.
  17. No thanks, no ID, no cash required. Turn up in need and get help. Universal health care is something for which we should be grateful and of which we can be proud. The universality is special - it doesn't matter how stupid you have been, how woefully unfortunate, how old or how poor. We live in a hugely anomalous place and time in this respect, and I for one am glad.
  18. I don't think it's the Cooplands we have in the city, there is a second company with the name that has gone bump!
  19. Absolutely fine for me now (n/s in and out of city). Decent job done I'd say.
  20. I head through here both directions every day and I must say, after some teething problems, it appears to be working very well now. No hold-ups, still a lot of right turners but doesn't seem to be damaging the overall flow and the supermarket fine too. I never had a particular problem with the roundabout but even so I'd say the new set up is good (fingers crossed!).
  21. I admire your posts - I mean that completely sincerely. The common sense and just general calm reason of what you say in the face of provocation from so many Sheffield Clarksons is more than I could manage ('retep' being a good example!). Keep explaining for the quiet, reasonable majority!
  22. Early days yet but it seems that the number of right turners coming into town on the A61 is holding things up quite badly for traffic flow on to. Penistone Road (or at least it has been on the two occasions I've used it so far at tea time). Time will tell I suppose but I'm a bit hopeful it should be ok given that they sorted out the temp lights from their absolute low point a couple of months back (when. Kilner Way to the ex-roundabout was a complete ordeal!).
  23. It's no business of yours regardless. Being proud of a flag isn't a pre-requisite to anything. Be proud if you want to be, wipe your backside on it if you want to. It's a piece of cloth and to turn it into some kind of indicator of moral fortitude is a completely moronic thing to do. I don't give a flying fig about the flag one way or another. Does that make me less English/British/European. No because I am all of those things regardless of whether I choose to wave a flag or prance about brandishing a bright pink feather duster.
  24. I watched this and it left me feeling deeply saddened and somewhat uncomfortable, not angry. I'm a bit suspicious of the 'angry' reaction because I tend to think that frothing at the mouth and using words like 'evil' is a bit of a let-off to ourselves. People do horrible things, yet in many ways are no different to anyone else - that is the disturbing, uncomfortable thing for our shared humanity. Hannah Arendt talked of 'the banality of evil' when analysing the career of Adolf Eichmann. I think the phrase, though used out of context, has some relevance here. All There is to Know About Adolph Eichmann Leonard Cohen EYES:……………………………………Medium HAIR:……………………………………Medium WEIGHT:………………………………Medium HEIGHT:………………………………Medium DISTINGUISHING FEATURES…None NUMBER OF FINGERS:………..Ten NUMBER OF TOES………………Ten INTELLIGENCE…………………….Medium What did you expect? Talons? Oversize incisors? Green saliva? Madness?
  25. Saw something very similar to this the other day except in daylight. Got in Morrison's lane, swerved all the way left then swerved back right to get into the coned off right lane. All happened just in front of me but luckily nobody alongside & I drive the route every day so try to give plenty of space (notwithstanding terrible driving it is still a fairly shoddy bit of road at the moment!).
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