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  1. I assúme Ms. Josephs was offered the (not easy) job because SCC were confident she had the skills and experience to fulfil the task. So are we now suggesting that she has her contract paid up and SCC search for someone with an impeccable personal behaviour record, but second best qualifications? Who would you rather have running the show in S1? History has plenty of examples of people who were very effective at their job, but had aspects of their non-job life which could be 'difficult'. John F Kennedy is fondly remembered as a wonderful US president, but his extra-marital sexual antics were legendary. If he were here now he would be elected by a landslide. Some of the partying in London (why is it always London?....) got out of hand, especially during a time of national mourning, but to castigate everybody is perhaps unwise. If Ms. Josephs fails in her job at running the city, then I will join in the torchlight procession to the town hall gates. I am reminded of the anecdote concerning the late Alan Clark, who was something of a roue, when being interviewed for Consevative candidate at a general election. One lady on the panel asked if he had any skeletons in his closet. He replied -" madam, they struggle to close the door...." He ws selected, and won the seat.
  2. I am not a US citizen, so I do not vote in their elections. Donald J Trump is not someone I warm to, and I note the accusations of lying and exaggerating, etc, on the run up to the 2016 elections. They may all be correct. For what it’s worth I didn’t care for Hillary either! Trump came into that election having no history of elected office ( congress, governor, etc). The only other ones since the civil war were, and I stand to be corrected; Grant and Eisenhower, who were soldiers, and Wilson, who was an academic. Therefore he had a credibility hurdle. So he resorted to porkies and bluster, as you assert. But it worked. He won. I await abuse…….
  3. DOY (no HRH now...) and spouse paid , sorry, agreed to pay £18m for the place in 2014. They only paid part and the vendor had to sue for the balance. It has taken 2 years and she only got the balance of some £7m last month. We don't know what it made at sale, and there may have been other charges and taxes to settle. As he was the part owner he will only have received a portion. I bet it hasn't covered his own legal bills to date. And I gather that Fergie is in reduced circumstances as well. I doubt there has been a much needed credit into his current account.
  4. Here lies Andrew's problem. He has virtually no personal assets, and any income is from the Royal Purse is entirely discretionary. He can't ask for money to raise his family - they've gone.... He doesn't draw a salary from Army/Navy although he will be due a modest pension. He lives in lodgings on the Windsor estate, cars are from the pool. His household expenses - butlers and valets- are in theWindsor bundle. He can't raffle off that nice Turner painting over the mantlepiece , it doesn't belong to him. If he wasn't a prince of the realm he would never have been sued for compensation in a US civil court. In US litigation, only sue those with the ability to pay, or at least have an insurer who can cough up. The plaintiff is relying on his family to cover any settlement. But in the palace statement yesterday detailing the defenestration*, it was made clear that he is defending this action as a private citizen. He will have had a lonely meal last night. (*first usage on SF?)
  5. All those nice uniforms..........................could The Crucible use them?
  6. This is a sordid, salacious debacle. HRHTDOY is not very bright (not the only one in "The Firm"...), and he has lived a life of magnificent privelege where his every wish has been granted, and none of his actions questioned. Accordingly, he has surrounded himself with yes men who only tell him what he wants to hear. Hence this mess. It will inevitably end in a settlement. In US civil cases, each side bear their own legal costs. HRH has run up a huge bill so far, and "The Firm" have left him in no doubt that it's his tab. HMTQ won't sell off a couple of Rembrandts to straighten him out. And he has run out of chums, as he is no longer a person of influence who can make introductions. His lead wig alone (and there's a full team plus reserves) charges £1k/hour. Go figure. For the plaintiff's part, she has also run un up a hefty legal tab. This will be paid from the proceeds of the action, should she win. As the bill ratchets up, her team may push her to settle if only to ensure they get paid. Nothing in litigation is certain, only dollars. But you have to admire the faithful British media, on air or in print. Every twist and turn is gleefully analysed. The picture of HRH, the Plaintiff and Ms M is reprinted ad nauseum, the BBC interview with our Emily is repeated as though on a loop tape. In a couple of months we will have document disclosure where more titillating details will emerge. Rumours of a threeway will persist. All good for circulation and viewing figures. Governorship of the Falklands beckons. That will have the penguins running.
  7. Seems an unpleasant chap. So why not send him to the Falkland Islands on licence. It’s part of the UK. He won’t be persecuted by any Taliban, and he can help with mine clearance….👍
  8. So what now constitutes criminal damage? I accept that it was a magistrates' ruling and hence not case law but it sets a precedence. If a mob toppled the statue of William Wilberforce in Hull would that be ignored? Or the statue of Nelson Mandela in Parliament Square? These were good people, however there will be others who think otherwise and who feel they now have licence to vandalise. Strange times...............
  9. Totally agree, got to be one of the best post ever. Reluctant Monarchist here again. Were it that simple...... A Democratic Republic has a vote at intervals to elect a President. (Let's not dwell on Undemocratic Republics....). In the best scenario, a number of non-political, non-sectarian candidates put their name forward, and one eventually gets elected. The best near at hand example is Michael Collins, the Irish President. A man widely respected at home and abroad, and above the day to day political scrum. But, alas, the office attracts political aspirants. France and the USA come to mind. If you think that it is all democratic, think again. To get that name on the ballo t paper is probably the work of no more than a couple of dozen people. Hustlers, back scratchers, 'dealers' and peddlers, all expecting preferment should their man or woman win. Nowadays soical media influencing plays a part. At the last US election, the citizens were left with a choice between two poor candidates, neither of whom could run up a flight of steps. Upon election, they become deaf and blind to the 49% who did not vote for them. As said, I will stay with our monarchical system. It works. The alternative is open to corruption and bigotry. GSTQ. (All stand).
  10. I am somewhat of a reluctant monarchist, because the alternative would be a republic and we would get someone like a Blair or a Boris being the supreme ruler of this country. It doesn't bear thinking about..... The Queen came to the throne as a woman in her 20's and saw it as her duty. She has been a constant 'midst a sea of changes for almost 70 years, she has my respect and affection, and will be a hard act to follow. In a republic the succesful president would fight his or her way to the top though naked ambition and back room deals and promises. Money, titles, positions and all other grubby stuff would come into play. No thanks. In a few years, should we get Charles the 3rd or William the 5th? Personally, I would like to see Chas step aside and devote himself to his garden, and let the next generation take up the challenges. But hey, that's just my opinion. There are others...................
  11. I had better cancel my order for the Lamborghini, then. I think the rev limiter comes in at about 200mph in top....
  12. Good to see Fleck back on the pitch. And the defence is more in sync - is that McCall’s influence. it’s a happier Christmas.
  13. London mayor declares an emergency. one third of Londoners remain unvaccinated. No connection, of course.
  14. It's supposed to be the PERSONALITY. In the past, some winners have struggled with this dimension. But I have doubts as to the voting system. Some years ago Karl Fogerty - the world superbike champion - accrued the most votes thanks to a sustained campaign by all his fans. But the Beeb didn't want this "unattractive", oily oik to win, and decided that Michael Owen, who had done booger all that year apart from scoring one decent goal against Germany, should get the prize. Foggy was runner up. It's a fix..............
  15. I didn't realsie that it was as old as 1962. As we have come to learn, concrete 'block' structures of that era have not fared well. The Tinsley viaduct saga is an example, albeit not configured like John Lewis. Two issue that have been identified are the asbestos, which was quite a normal building material then, and the weakening car park which has loading issues and needs reinforcement. One reason JL gave up on the building is its relatively low ceiling height, which precludes retro-fitting air conditioning - so much easier to incorporate if starting from scratch. So, after just 60 years it looks like it's going to be dropped. It's ironic that Sheffield has many fine and useful buildings built some 200 years ago, using local stone and traditional methods. Yes, it could be reconfigured as a small hospital - but at what cost - £40/60million? And the traffic issues would be horrendous. Car parking at the RHH and NGH sites is chaotic for staff and visitors, it would be many times worse in the city centre. Please don't post that everyone should come in on the bus........ It begs a separate thread - does Sheffield need another hospital, if so where should it be sited? There's not a lot of 'free' land within the city limits to build something like Calow with its wide open spaces.
  16. There's a lot of premature speculation on this..... The next US presidential election is not due until 5th November 2024, and so many things can change between now and then. Who will be the candidates? Biden says he will only do one term but once they're in they get a taste for it. Will he shift? The left wing Democrats want their person on - will it be Harris? She is not popular with the whole party. Will the Republicans want Trump on the ticket? Will he put his name up? If they don't pick him he might run as an independent and split the vote, letting the Dems in. If he does stand you can bet there will be a flurry of litigation from well-wishers trying to cancel him. But you feel that whichever party fields a 40 something candidate who can actually run up and down the 'plane steps will win the day. No more gerontocracy. When do the knock-out stages begin - late 2022?
  17. Yes, a total mess. And probably going to worsen. But one positive initiative is that YCCC have commissioned a full review by an outside body into this whole sorry sequence of events. And I do hope that review will listen to ALL SIDES, in an open manner. I gather that there were some troubled employees who wished to put their own experiences to a wider audience, but they were set aside as being unhelpful. Rafiq's disclosures, in the press and to the select committee were deeply troubling, and rightly received a lot of publicity. However, they were taken as read, and as result many people have lost their livelyhoods, some with trashed reputations. And YCCC are £millions adrift as a result. I do hope the enquiry will test some of those assertations, if only in the interest of (belated) due process. And that they will confine themselves to YCCC persons involved, and not draw in outside well-wishers. Should I have doubts?
  18. There are no easy answers. What I don't like are politicians on all sides treating this as a virility test. Priti Patel keeps making tough proposals which we all know will never be implemented. President Macron is in the early stages of a Presidential election and wants to come across as decisive and in charge. Which he isn't. The only people who have got their act togtether are the criminal traffickers. They have got slick, well run systems for getting their customers on to the beach just in time, sourcing craft and outboards, and setting them off without disturbance. The gendarmerie sometimes just look on. They know the legal loopholes, use modern communications, and bank their takings with impunity. They make the UK and French governments seem infantile. I don't want to sound harsh, but the draw for these poor souls to come to the UK is join family, and/or a better future. So it would perhaps be of benefit to turn down the 'magnet'. Our labour laws and residence qualifications are looser than anywhere in the EU, and we have a sizeable (and apparently growing) black economy - should we do something about it? Finally, they are not escaping a cruel and oppressive regime. They are escaping a decent, somewhat thinly populated, democratic country. It's called France.
  19. Alas, I too remember the area in the '50s as described. And football then was played once a fortnight on Saturday afternoon, occupying a stadium from 2pm to 5pm. In the daylight.... Period. The proposed stadium will no doubt have a hybrid pitch and floodlights. So it will be in use many times a week, and together with the car park(s) will emit a whole lot of light pollution which will make life unpleasant for all the neighbours. I too await the planning details with interest. I assume the bowling green and old tennis courts will go, so an entrance approaching from the South after Lowedges could come in from the south-east corner which would take some strain off the roundabout. No exit. Will the cricket field and club remain? This is drifting from the topic but a busy home game on the Saturday before Christmas will tax everyone's patience. Bah Humbug..
  20. I use St. James frequently (the missus would have me drive her there more often....), and it's the victim of its own success, having some decent shops, being 'out of town' and at the confluence of the ring road and the A61 trunk road brings in customers from all over South Sheffield and North Derbyshire. I guess they designed it as best they could. With more space perhaps they could have had separate entrance and exit roads. But space is money.......... Being local, I can choose to visit early or late in the day, when traffic is lighter. But I suppose the Christmas weeks will see it heaving. I have already witnessed some classic parking rages. And I too have reservations about the proposed footie stadium, the planners have one chance to get the traffic flow right, good luck to that. Don't forget that coaches need space to turn, etc. And I hope they drop that awful, outdated clubhouse.
  21. Have they got an oven ready replacement? Paul Warne…….? or will they look at the roster of currently unemployed failures?
  22. We are hearing that the Blades need to make several signings in the upcoming transfer window. As thoughwe didnt have a big enough (expensive...) squad. So I ask - where are the talented youngsters coming through from the development setup? Why do we have to go and sign "Roberto from Rimini " or whoever at the first sign of a drop off in performance. Even Liverpool keep introducing youg prospects into their matchday squad, and that's Premier league. Where are or upcomers....?
  23. I wonder how many 'celebrities', politicos, sportspeople and similar wish they had never, ever, posted on social media - period. How were they to know that the funny remark they made a dozen years ago would be pulled out and inserted into today's polemics thus making them look foolish, or indeed quasi-criminal. For myself, I have never joined Facebook, Twitter or similar . I may have missed out, but at least I sleep well...... For those that are users - are you happy with your choice?
  24. So how do they fit overhead wires into the Dronfield tunnel? Physics can be a nuisance.
  25. Hello Stan. Consider Woodseats on the south side of the city. S8. Mix of old and new build. Good shops etc. and regular buses into town. Well run schools. You can see Derbyshire from your bedroom window. Fair property prices.
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