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  1. Hello Sheffield. I made a song and a video clip for you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EolpvHbQbOo
  2. "My point was you can't generalise so pathetically like that. I don't really know what it's about but it's not just men and women, it's personalities and people." I love this kind of strong and meaningful opinion. It brings down all attempts at understanding the world (that is sociology, sexology, ethnology, history, mathematics, physics, litterature or simply personal thoughts) and gives perfect cover to a blank mind eager to preserve its cool & fashionable neutrality. Happy new year all
  3. Women are wonderful. They're so eager to give that when they by accident refuse you something, they immediately give you something else as a compensation. One example: a girl you're chasing after won't sleep with you and she makes it clear. That's a refusal. But in most cases this won't be her final line. She will add something like "I want us to remain friends". If you already were her friend, you won't win a lot in the bargain. But what happens sometimes is that you didn't even know the girl, you just caught her number from a friend or got a date on facebook and saw her like twice in your life. But she will still tell you after turning you down: "I want you to be my friend". As you were nothing at all before that, consider it as a promotion. Conclusion: it's very easy to be friend with a girl. Just court her without success and get the prize of her remorse.
  4. It's a personal best of I got here from the Sheffield Admin. I see this as a disguised tribute and I wonder if I would find patricia attractive
  5. P stands for Pierre and would you be a man-eater by any means?
  6. I am in Paris yes I am in Paris (i have to repeat it since otherwise they say the length of the message is too short)
  7. I will come here with the first serious new theory of the 21th century: you can't know a girl unless you ****ed her. You can **** a girl and still not know her, but it is nevertheless a prerequisite. All that will or has been said against it is irrelevant, and can from now on be classified along with the other eunuch fantasies such as platonic love and lustless friendship. All this nonsense has been invented by girls who, out of remorse, wanted to help guys they didn't fancy to get over their disappointment. It's been taken over by overshy or overugly chaps who never could get their hand on a girl and still wanted to have their say on the matter. But the time has come to face the truth. Your ex-girlfriends and your current one are the only females you really know. Your mother will always be mystery to you and only your father can give you clues to understand why she drinks whisky after work or cries in front of a dead dog. The case of your sister is no different, and you just have to focuse on feeding the sexual repression process to keep yourself out of trouble. Just consider the true meaning of the syntagm "Women I've known" (like when your father tells you: "out of all the women I've known, your mother is the worse in bed"). The verb "to know" here is only commutable with the verb "to ****". But it's even more subtle than that. "To know" in this context includes the whole process of exploration, which necessarily contains (but is not limited to) the "****" part. Philosophy, as often, offers a back-up to linguistics. The concept of intimacy rests on the non-separability of the human being who is at all times body and soul. Michel Foucault reminds us in his masterpiece "Surveiller et punir" that torture in the Middle-age, and long after that, aimed at purging the soul by inflicting pain to the body. The body is a tunnel that leads to the soul and there are no spiritual experiences which aren't based on softing (or hardening) the bony part of yourself to make way for the immaterial. Whether it is silence or starvation, reclusion or mass-gathering, all religions set down-to-the-ground rules to make the magic happen. The exploration of woman is no different from the quest for God: it's beautiful and vain, and it implies a bidimensional approach. Stumble Upon Toolbar
  8. I read somewhere on the web something about the establishment of God's kingdom on Earth. The author of the article quoted the Book of Revelation ("he seventh angel blew his trumpet and there were loud voices shouting in heaven. The whole world has now become the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ, and He will reign forever and ever") and assumed the times were bad for Jesus and co to come back here. Too much violence, too much bigotry, too many muslims... But then I thought: let's assume Jesus decides to come back to see how we're doing, what would happen next? And I figured out he would have a tricky job on his hands. First, I suppose he would reappear somewhere in the ancient Judah, where he used to preach in his prime. That means either in Israël or Palestine. In both cases, there's a chance he will receive the same warm welcoming the British Airborne experienced in Arnhem in September 1944 when the paratroopers of its Majesty landed on General Bittrich's 4th SS Panzer Division. The only point of uncertainty is whether the Jews will get him before the Muslims and how much money they will ask the US government to set him free. Then, the guy will surely try to go back to his former business: preaching, healing and irritating people who have political power. The problem is that these three market segments are overcrowded and extra-competitive. What concerns preaching, Jesus will have to start with an update. He founded a Church which doesn't exist anylonger. The initital start-up has experienced dismantlements, mergers and takeovers and he will have to choose a new preaching banner: will he go for Catholicism, Orthodoxism, Protestantism, Baptism, Evangelism, Mormonism? A real market study has to be run here. Will Jesus come back with a marketing expert? Healing should be less of a winding road since humanity is presumably eager to get rid of AIDS, cancer, aging and other plagues. But what will the medical corporations say if a lunatic comes with a free treatment and makes their products obsolete? There are at least a million people in the western world whose house, car, home cinema and Hi-Fi equipment depends on HIV-related diseases in sub-saharan Africa. Will Jesus find them another job? As for irritating people who own political power, Jesus will have to get familiar with modern communication. If he simply stands on his wood box to deliver his speeches, he will have trouble with the police or the Big Issue man who sells newspapers and hates people who shout louder than him. So he'll have to go on TV, maybe in a talk-show. He will have to get used to make-up and commercial breaks, he will need another haircut and on top of that he will have to be ready to answer David Letterman's inquisitive questions, such as: "Have you ever imagined, Jesus, to have sex with Paris Hilton?" But will he be ready for that? I'm sure people are in a hurry to see the Lord back in action. But they have to be patient, and they need to understand Jesus wouldn't be Jesus if he hadn't an answer to all these questions. The Holy Bible shows he's human like us. So give him a little time to think first.
  9. I think it's because posts related to other threads have been cut and transfered here while the threads have been erased; STAND UP SHEFFIELD! STAND UP FOR MY RIGHTS
  10. I did mint the gap so I can post more of these. Thanks for asking
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