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  1. It is clearly good news, but it is hardly a Brexit win. It just isn't a loss. Brexit needs to show it can deliver things better than before, rather than just maintaining things as they were. As yet there is no evidence of that.
  2. But you don't have to pay it. There are plenty of choices of vehicle where the amount payable is £0. Plus, it doesn't fund the roads.
  3. The bearded vulture was roosting above Howden reservoir for about 3 weeks and was relatively easy to spot, and it attracted plenty of birdwatching enthusiasts. About 2 weeks ago it relocated to near Crowden/ Torside reservoir, and it is still there as far as I know. There's been plenty of coverage/ discussion on social media and the local/national press.
  4. Well yes, there's this thread for starters, but I wouldn't have known about it otherwise. As I said though, even if you do know about it, the signage is woeful, and the benefits ( to anyone) are hard to see. It smacks of accepting Government funding for fear of missing out, either now or in the future.
  5. Depending where you join the road, it isn't clear that it is a cycle lane, and the barriers give the impression it is closed off...particularly as these barriers have been associated with long running roadworks elsewhere on this road. I knew about the changes to layout there, joined by bike from Corporation St and there aren't any signs to indicate it is an open lane. The whole thing is a complete shambles. Something similar happened in Newcastle, but was removed after a couple if days. This scheme doesn't appear to benefit anyone, unless the objective is to remove capacity and lower induced demand.
  6. I go from the roundabout continue along A61, turn right on to Gibraltar Street to West bar, then up Paradise St to Campo Lane.
  7. It is a dead cat story to deflect away from the announcement about customs checks and non frictionless trade. Johnson couldn't even get his Garden Bridge in London done.
  8. Interesting, there is another image from a different source here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/stockportmike/8445407648
  9. Just to clarify, the blog post is not mine. It is incredible what can be observed. I recently saw something about some Alpine being observable from the Pyrenees, a distance of 400 miles or so.
  10. Snowdon from the top of Kinder Scout... http://portervalleydaydreams.blogspot.com/2017/02/snowdon-as-seen-from-kinder-scout.html?m=1
  11. Yes, and Green Moor Road above Stocksbridge. The Humber Bridge can be seen with the naked eye from there in clear conditions.
  12. I may have misunderstood your post so apologies...but the biggest contributor to climate change is CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels. Plastic also comes from fossil fuels, but only 4% of fossil fuels are used to make plastics. 90% of fossil fuels are used in transport, energy production and heating i.e. they're just burnt, and end up in the atmosphere. Plastic may be a handything that people can campaign against, but it is a drop in the ocean in tackling the climate emergency. It is the rise in global temperatures that will account for major extinction events, not plastic production.
  13. Lack of indication and too much mobile phone use really annoys me. My biggest bugbear is that there just seems to be a lack of awareness with many drivers. Turning right at a light controlled crossroads on a single carriageway road ( eg Netheredge crossroads or Psalter Lane/ Junction Rd) for example...so many right turn drivers don't progress far enough into the junction, which prevents people who want to drive straight ahead from making progress. It directly leads to congestion and is just lazy and inconsiderate.
  14. Oh, it will be a pact for sure. The Conservatives just aren't admitting how they've reciprocated. Everything about Farage's career to date has been "what's in it for me"...Lord Farage of Gammonshire to be announced in the next but one honour's list.
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