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  1. i don't want to get involved in an argument about whether or not hs2 is a good idea, but if you would like to object to the new route, please sign this petition. it was initially set-up for bramley (rotherham) but is now being shared as a more regional petition amongst facebook action groups etc. thanks.... https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/159872
  2. exciting opportunity to join a new rock band currently being formed by experienced musicians on the local circuit. we're looking for someone with experience, good stage presence, own transport, and decent gear (all other members already onboard) brand new project. genuine opportunity to join a good band reply to this post or drop me a message for further info thanks
  3. in my opinion it's not that great... certainly not worth going out of your way for. it is very big, but it's not very well presented and it's constantly 'closing down and everything must go' etc. i think it's owned by sports direct, so that should give you an indication of what to expect if it was cheap that would be fair enough, but personally i've never actually found a bargain in there
  4. i couldn't agree with you more. the problem is only made worse by the sheer volume of bands that are happy to play for practically nothing. this just makes the situation worse for all bands as the ignorant/greedy venues and promoters take advantage of the excess supply. i've said this before, but this problem is rife in sheffield, perhaps because a lot of the bands are young students just starting out and easier to exploit. it's not such a problem in chesterfield, doncaster, rotherham, etc as venues tend to understand that they pay bands for their service... don't get me wrong, if you're a young band, with little experience, doing original songs, and you have little gear to cart around OR if you don't put much effort in i.e. you hardly practice so your set list is a bit ropey and you have little equipment etc then i can understand that you may be tempted to play for free just for the experience.... BUT if you're a semi pro band with a full lighting rig, PA, loads of amps and guitars, special effects, decent sized drum kit, backdrop, etc etc there is no way on earth you're going to be interested in doing a freebie gig for a couple of drinks. to be honest, it's an insult the problem is, a lot of venues/promoters (particularly in sheffield for some reason) seem to make no distinction between the bands. they can't understand why a proper 5 piece semi pro jazz or rock band that's been going for 10 years won't play for free when they had some young 'uns do it last week. unfortunately, this is why we rarely see the top bands in some sheffield bars ....kinda gone off on one here, but yeah, the moral of the story is:- you get what you pay for
  5. if a band is driving they can't even have a beer! and like i said before, you can't put beer in your petrol tank unfortunately, it's kinda like most things in life, you get what you pay for. i'm sure this will be fine for some people. good luck
  6. no sorry - i'm not wanting to play, i was just making the point
  7. is all the gear provided? otherwise, there's not much point in offering a beer rider when most bands have to drive to lug their gear to and from the venue. as an old bandmate used to say... "i can't put beer in my petrol tank"
  8. oh get over yourselves. f&b's is perfectly fine for a fun meal, especially for younger people. nice decor, clean, music playing, etc. stop acting so pretentious. people really get on my nerves with stuff like this - acting all high and mighty about chain food establishments not being good enough for their standards, blah blah blah. i have dined in some extremely expensive restaurants in many different countries, and i have also dined in crappy fast food restaurants. i don't get my kicks from belittling people who go to f&b's. get down off your soap box and realise that f&b's, tgi's, giraffe, etc etc are simply chain restaurants and the food is mediocre but it's far from terrible - it's not like they're trying to pretend they're michelin starred restuarants. jeez
  9. i see a few references have been made to tipping in the usa. in my opinion, the culture is completely different so you can't really compare. when you go to a bar in nyc, for example, you basically tip a small amount everytime you buy a beer. it's just the way it is. after a short while, you may get a 'buy back' where the bartender will say "these are on the house". but another thing to remember about the usa:- a lot of waiters/waitresses/taxi drivers etc work practically for their tips. that's not the case in the uk
  10. i always tip, unless i've had exceptionally bad service (i don't get tipped in my job either, but i'm happy to accept that it's just the way it is) i gotta say, i agree with bears9h on this occassion. we're talking about 14 year old kids here at a birthday party. any reasonable adult waiting on them would have said "look, there's a 10% charge added automatically to the bill because you're a group of over 10 people, but don't worry about it" it sounds like not only did they fail to point this out to the kids, they actually tried to hide it from them. that IS NOT good sevrice so i think bears9h has a fair point
  11. thank you both very much! i didn't receive your replies in time, but by chance i actually ended up at langsett! i parked in the picnic area car park just up from wagon & horses on the left. it was nice and quiet! we walked along the side of the resevoir for a couple of hours and only saw 2 couples and 1 jogger! it was great vwkittie - thanks for the tip about the ducks etc. my little lad will love that, so we'll give that one a go next! cheers
  12. i like to take my little boy (aged 3) for picnics after work whenever i can. obviously we can't go travel far due to time constraints. i live in rotherham, so i'm thinking either the outskirts of derbyshire or lincolnshire... perhaps something towards holmfirth direction as it doesn't take long to jump on the m1 and come off at j35a. open to suggestions, but i'd like ideas that feel a little remote i.e. no dog walkers and prams going past every 2 minutes! no offence any suggestions welcome. not bothered if it's at the side of a lake, train track (disused!), church, canal, woods, fields, whatever - so long as we can throw a rug down and have fun in the great outdoors for a few hours thank you
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