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  1. Hello everyone im looking for ideas..... whats everyone doing bank holiday monday?
  2. hi im wanting to set up a website so that i can sell my handmade cards online. not really got a clue where to start, any advice would be brilliant thank you!!!!
  3. just been working that out... daytime tv not been missing much
  4. Sorry pretty rubbish thread but im soooooo bored!!!! Im off work ill and hate it! when i was told id have to have 2 weeks off work i thought it would be brilliant but im hating it. My fella is at work so ive got no one to talk to, i cant go out, so bored. Anyone else bored???? :gag::gag::gag::gag:
  5. thanks everyone, can anyone tell me roughly how much im looking at? i understand you cant give me an exact price because it depends what finish i want and sizes etc... but roughly whats a good price for 2 doors including fitting?
  6. has anyone had work done by safe style uk? ive just noticed they are doing a bogof deal.
  7. Im needing two pvc doors fitted, i was just wondering if anyone can recommend anyone, maybe youve had yours done and where impressed? Thanks for any help.
  8. Ive been thinking of joining Etsy.com not heard of folksy. I make handmade cards and jewellery, i wonder if it would be worth joinging up. How much does it cost?
  9. Im really sorry for your loss, i recently lost my oldest piggy and know how you feel. xxxxhugs and best wishes xxxx
  10. i think your doing the right thing, good luck with it x
  11. sorry but the police wont do anything we had a parent do that, police did nothing the parent felt silly and took their child to another school.
  12. Natzzz69 im so sorry to hear about whats happening to your little boy it must be heartbreaking. Have you been into school and sat down and had a chat with the teacher? I work in a school, we sometimes have problems like this that we have to sort out and i really dont understand why your problem hasnt been sorted out as your child shouldnt have to go through this bless him. By the 'sad face in a book' makes me wonder if the child who has hurt your child has behaviour needs, which isnt an excuse for him to hurt your child but id of thought his behaviour would be closely monitored if thats the case. If youve not physically been into school that would be my first approach, be calm and reasonable and express your concerns and how long this has been going on for, ask what they are going to do if they dont tell you (they should). Hopefully he/she will reasure you and get the situation sorted. Give alittle bit of time, it wont be sorted out over night, from the teachers point of view its really difficult when you have a child with challenging behaviour in her/his class BUT behaviour managament is part of their job. Keep note of anything that happens after youve had a meeting with the teacher, log it on paper- not long just where, when, who is envolved and whats been done. If the problem continues make an appoinment to see the headteacher, speak to him/her and explain how your feeling, show the notes youve made as youve then got a log of inncidents. Im sure she/he will put a stop to it. Hope that helps, good luck xxxx Anything i can help with just say
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