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  1. Does anyone know if you can walk up to the end of Sloade Lane in Ridgeway? There is a sign saying 'No Access Private Road' but I am not sure if that means to vehicles. According to maps there are public walkways at the end of the road, so I am assuming you can, but just wanted to double check is anyone knew? Cheers
  2. I used to go to Savelle's, although they were good it was £18 a pop, twice a month. Also felt it was rushed, as it was always packed, so need to turn over quickly to keep up with demand. Tried Adam @ Whitehead & Booth Barbers in Hackenthorpe, and got to say was well impressed, so much went into producing a good shave. was n the chair for almost an hour, as he wanted to ensure it was perfect. Charged me £6!!!!! had to give him a tenner as it was well worth it...been going ever since!
  3. Hi Could anyone recommend a large indoor venue for a sporting event. We have previously used Hillsborough & Killamarsh but have out grown these. The Double hall at All Saints is a good size but unfortunately the have priority commitments to Basketball & Volleyball. Preferably not an SIV venue as their pricing structure is ridiculous! Cheers
  4. Would you believe it they collected it today before I got chance to use any of your advise! They mus use this site! 10 1/2 weeks for £120, I suppose thats value for money ;-)
  5. That is them!! Same happen to you? ---------- Post added 13-10-2014 at 20:53 ---------- Might try this one, as I need to get in moved, pretty dam quick now
  6. Hi I have had a skip om my drive for the last 8 weeks which I am waiting to be collected. I have been phoning the company several times a week, and keep getting told it is on their list for collection, but they never come. It is now causing an obstruction, as I have a shared drive. As it is not on the public highway I assume the council will not be interested if I call them, just wondered if anyone has any advice on what I can do to force them to collect it? Cheers
  7. My wife an I have just had to most weird thing happen in ASDA at Manor top. As we were walking down the aisle a young (mid 20's) black girl walked past us then suddenly stopped my wife and said "does the numbers 11 & 22 mean anything to you" as it was such a random question she assumed she was talking about a bus number or something and said no. The lade then said the is a spirit of a lady with you and she says that if my wife is worried about anything, dont worry and she will be there to support her. My wifes grandma died only a few weeks ago, to whom she was very close. We are not usually into this kind of stuff but as it was so random it really took my wife by surprise and has really shook her up! Not sure if she was for real or just some nutter
  8. Nice one, forgot all about that place went there a few years ago, had some pieces
  9. Can anyone recommend a good location for a photo shoot for a martial arts team? Preferable with some good graffiti or with an urban feel
  10. Does anyone know of any vets that does puppys vaccination called duramune
  11. mido2k2 I assume your comment was some sort of an attempt at a joke? ALL our dogs were on leads so were within 3 ft control of the owners ---------- Post added 10-11-2013 at 23:51 ---------- Who ever mentioned any livestock? The point is there was a fence, it was an electric fence which by law should have signs indicating it is electrified and it didn't.
  12. 1. I never said it was my dog. 2. No it wasn't 3. That Is totally immaterial ---------- Post added 10-11-2013 at 23:44 ---------- Exactly my point spikemac
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