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  1. Hi Babsy, I went to Standhouse and can remember the teachers names you listed. Miss Lant was my teacher for a while. I also remember your name and some of your other classmeates seem vaguely familiar. Maybe were in the same class? I have a photo somewhere of the school country dancing group... I think Carol Reaney was my partner....do you remember her? I was six years old in '52 so that might help? Our class used to sell biscuits and choc marshmallows (for the school) in the corridor on the left-hand side as you went into the building.Another name just to mind was Lewis Titterton....ring any bells?
  2. Yep! I attended both schools. I was in one of the first classes when RF was first opened. Carter lodge from '57 to 61......great days!
  3. I was 7 at the time and went to Barkers pool in the City to see the Queen. The crowds were huge and jam packed together, generally pushing and shoving to get a good view. When she appeared on the balcony at the Town Hall, the cheering was deafening to a little un like me! Some one lifted me up on their shoulders for a better view and I always remember a couple of young blokes climbing on top of a bright red telephone box to get above the throng. They were cheering and waving like mad. I was thinking that they might fall off! This was opposite the Gaumont Cinema in Barkers Pool.
  4. Hopalong Cassidy at Darnall Cinema circa 1951- not sure of spelling. Anyone remember this cowboy?
  5. Try White's 1857 Directory of Derbyshire, page 688. It lists a George Johnson and John Jubb as Farmers at Drake House. It seems that there was a farm. I used to live in the area as a child and can recall the name Drake House Farm but not much more...sorry but good luck with your quest.
  6. Remember the Caterpillar? A green canvas cover came over the carriage as you went around...............
  7. Seem to remember a David Biggin at Standhouse when I was there. Would this be the same ? (Biggin)
  8. I was born near the bottom of Craven Road in Darnall. Some of my earliest memories are walking around the fairground as they were setting it up. It used to be an annual event on the spare ground right at the bottom of the road. My mum told me about some gypsy woman who used our front room once for her fortune telling. I can still smell the deisel fumes from the generators used to power dodgems etc. That was before I started school (Whitby Road Infants)
  9. What a good memory you have Albert T and thank you for reviving some of mine! Would love a photo of the School please. Can you send electronically? Can't place the railings on Waltheof road, I'm not sure on that one but it was definitely Dick Barton Special Agent that was broadcast in the classrooms, you know the music at the start.......something to do with trains? The Vicar at St Swithuns was Brian Pritchard, March 1968, remember him? Mrs Barton sounds familiar but can't be positive. I have been thinking more about the school over the past couple of days and can recall being in the school country dancing team (one off), selling biscuits and chocolate marshmallows at break time and scoffing one or two with the others, classroom Christmas 'parties' where we brought something from home on the day we broke up. Some pupil names; Haslam, Titterton, Cockerel, Scott....I never had a school meal but we used to clamour for the job of putting out the roll up tablecloths on the school desks just before 12 then someone else delegated to do the knives, forks and spoons! I do remember a "rec" not far from the school on the way to POW rd. Used to play there a lot. Is that the one you mean? So you bro was responsible for scaring us little ,uns all that time ago! Happy days!
  10. I lived at no. 5 Archdale Place in the early 50's and went to Standhouse school just up the road. Mr Rackham, Miss Lant are a couple of teachers I can recall. We sometimes used to listen to a radio program,, detective serial I think which was "piped" around the classrooms! Mr Rackham used to march us in military style from the playground into the school and always carried his cane , just in case! I seem to remember some buildings at the bottom of the rear playground which I think may have been air raid shelters? Remember the upstaires Barber on Saturdays and the short back and sides. Fairleigh shops? Fishing pond and all that frogspawn. my two elder sisters used to scare me when we went on the Manor fields with Ghost stories about Mary Queen of Scots, Castle and secret tunnels..... There was a guy who made paper Kites on Faileigh anyone remember him? I was married in St Swithuns Church in 1968 I think it is no longer? Is the School still there?
  11. Was this a real place John or was this just somewhere where medical students developed it? (Bedside Manor)
  12. Hackenthorpe was in Derbyshire as I had to attend a derbyshire school, Ridgeway Junior school when we moved out there in the 50's. One spot where the county borders met was down the bottom of Intake where a stream ran under the main road. There was a sign there so you could have one foot in each County! Anyone remember ?
  13. Don't recall there being a 63 when I was there. We were the last house with a rather long side garden. I guess it may have been built on after we left there?
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