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  1. Should faith schools be allowed to teach sex education differently? Another classic case of people who believe in a man made load of codswallop forcing thier views on innocent children. Children should be presented with the plain facts, and the plain facts don't include people who don't have sex telling the people who may and already do have sex how to do it and who with!! GOD does not exist. He is a man made load of rubbish. Where was god before the thought of man. Religion is a special kind of ignorance afforded ridiculous privilage. Perhaps i should get special treatment because i believe in the tooth fairy?? When we are so close to a robust cognitive explaination that will explain religion as a mental condition, why do we accept this? Religion is for the weak, athiesm is for the free. The bible most people read is a doctored version Henry the 8th had translated. He made bits up and removed bits to suit him, this after the christain church had done the same thing numerous times prior. The bible bears absolutely none of the original text that was MADE UP in the 350 years after Jesus's death!!!
  2. I know its ages since i posted but i must reply. It is 20,000 years as originally posted. The christian faith was born from the old testament, which was believed for 15,000 years before the new one.
  3. ----------------- Can i add here the catholic church mad the biggest u-turn in history and accepted evolution as fact [it is undoubtedly fact, 100% proven, and undeniable fact]. This after 20'000 years of brainwashing people against it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Bingo-Cruelty is to cause suffering deliberately for the sake of it. An omniscient god would see the pain would he/she not?
  5. Student: Sir, you are working on the premise of duality. You argue there is life and then there is death, a good God and a bad God. You are viewing the concept of God as something finite, something we can measure. Sir, science can’t even explain a thought. It uses electricity and magnetism, but has never seen, much less fully understood either one. To view death as the opposite of life is to be ignorant of the fact that death cannot exist as a substantive thing. Death is not the opposite of life: Just the absence of it. Now tell me, Professor. Do you teach your student that they evolved from monkey? Ignorance is bliss. Of course we [iE me and you] are not descended from monkey, but our ancestors have gradually evolved from APES [not monkey] over 100's of thousands of years and with 100's of thousands of gradual variations. We are not direct descendants of monkeys and if you read a book or 2 aimed at over fives you would see that. READ A BOOK!!! other than the bible!!!! A typical naive interpretation of something you have no idea of.
  6. Since the whole point of this made up religious brainwashing, wishy washy crap-invented by a religious person hangs on the following comment [i thought i'd chip in]; Darkness is the absence of something .You can have low light, normal light, bright light , flashing light…But if you have no light constantly , you have nothing and its called darkness Darkness exists without light. Without light darkness still exists, so the whole metaphore for your ridiculous argument fails. The "student" in question must have never read a phsyics book aimed at 11 year olds, had they done so they may have stumbled accross photons. Go on-google it. You could choose to continue this debate with me if you feel confident?
  7. You absolute cretin of a human. You are from an unbroken line of evolution dating back over three and a half thousand million years and the best reply you can spout is that of a 3 year old child! Read about evolution before making RIDICULOUS comments!! Fumes!!!
  8. and in fact you need to be stronger than most if you are going to be a Christian. Why would you say that? You are in an apparent majority throughout the world. A christian knows nothing about strength, they have always fought to ram their nonsensical beliefs down the throat of anyone, whether the agreed or not. A christian playing the suppressed card is frankly ridiculous. Your belief system is responsible for more deaths than any other man made object or though ever to have graced the human mind. Thank "sense" that we saw the light and stopped listening to bigoted nonsense that christians spout! Get a grip. Read books. Stop being so naive!
  9. Is it? So which is which? Does god condone parasitical wasps that paralyse their pray and plant eggs inside their living victim allowing their eggs to eat the creature [alive] from the inside? Is that god or the devil? Because there is beauty and evil all rolled into one with that. God is a human delusion. A mental illness. Not apparent in animals without thought and none existent until thought of man.
  10. Did god make the universe? That's quite a claim. To claim god created everything in the universe is utterly ridiculous. It's massive. More massive than you can imagine. Life just happens. It starts and evolves from the most miniscule of chemical existence. You could see this as miracle or you could just view it as an inevitable chemical reaction that would happen anywhere in the universe providing the right conditions along with explainable physics. The more i read into science the more ridiculous god seems. Life doesn't need god, only some life needs god. I am currently reading "The Universe" [a biography] by John Gribbin. It is a wonderful insight into the theory of the universe. There is some clear and understandable chapters on quantum physics. If you bother to read more than the stories in the bible and challenge yourself with such books, a whole new world will unfold in front of your very eyes. A world where everything makes sense-a world much older and wiser world than the religious scripture many choose to believe in. Our planet, our solar system, our universe doesn't need god, only physical and biological conditions. Darwin is universal, god simply isn't.
  11. Create worms? Make ants that kill other nests in order to steal their eggs to breed slaves? Allow mantis to eat the father of thier child and sometimes the body after pro-creating? Allow certain parasitic wasps paralise their grub victims by stinging, only to lay eggs in its body that eat them-alive-from the inside! See the point in letting whales spend 100's of thousands of years moving to land only to dictate it has to go back to sea with lungs. And that's the unconscious creatures of god acting almost as if he didn't exist at all and just doing whatever it takes-just to survive. Once we start with conscious minds we enter all new realms of god supervised evil. My point here really says that anyone who claims to believe in evolution and god must enjoy the cruelty god insists most unconscious animals inflict on one another. You can't truly understand evolution if you believe in god. The two can't go hand in hand. Evolution contradicts ALL religious [man made] scripture. MAN HAS EXISTED FOR LESS THAN 1% OF OUR PLANETS LIFE. WITHOUT MAN THERE IS NO GOD. GOD HAS EXISTED FOR LESS THAN 250,000 YEARS, OUR PLANET HAS EXISTED FOR MORE THAN 4500 MILLION YEARS. The concept of god goes against all scientific facts that we know. The threats of hell and the promise of heaven are strong pulls on our human psychology, but we don't have a scrap of evidence to support. All we have is some crappy man made documents, written over several hundred years and adapted, translated and doctored over a a 1000 year period. This is in what could be described as modern times, relative to the age of man. What did they believe in for the 230-240 thousand years before this tosh? Clue-probably more tosh long since forgotten! The old testament lasted for around 15,000 years before being almost completely dismissed as nonsense Jesus. he decided to make up his own **** and bull version of life, and many people still prescribe to the biggest con that ever lived. Jesus conned and cons you all. What god allows adults to touch children? What sort of god can't do anything about it? What sort of god do you believe in?
  12. Not posted for some time; had a baby girl [Neve] and lost a grandfather [in-law]. The most amazing thing i have seen was Desmond [our gerts grandad] holding my little baby in his arms 6 weeks ago. Little did any of us know he would be dead the week after. A massive stroke wiped out one of the most influential figures of my life and with it of of life's great characters. It all began 6 weeks ago with the birth of my little bundle of joy who now goes by the name of Neve. It was the most ridiculous experience of my life, as all parents will know. But for me it created a picture of life in its most beautiful simple way-reproduction. Pro-creation is god for me, it's what life is all about. The birth of any child far outweighs any superstition carried by any human being because its real, it actually happens and it actually feels like every step you ever made; all of a sudden makes sense. No wishy washy "may mean this, may mean that" type guidance offered by religious scripture-just plain old- "this is what life is all about". My story and feelings were further enhanced when within a few weeks a close relative and a spearhead of our family had a stroke and died in his own in his basement. Not without a fight though. He had climbed to his feet and tried to climb the stairs. RIP Desmond Helliwell-A dad-A grandad-A great grandad-A true gent. But again it puts me back in the same point of view. This is life. It can be cruel with one hand while stroking the back of your needing neck with its other. It is remarkable, and for that i thank my parents, not a fantasy god- but real life gods and hero's; my mum and dad. Say what you will but i saw the death of Des before it happened. I was often told a story of my great grandad holding me when i was a couple of weeks old and "glancing his life into my eyes". I saw that very same thing happen with Des and my daughter. I saw the future. But i could always say that couldn't i? If he died a year later the same suggestion could be made. I could have seen this as a vision or predicting the future. I could also see it as fate. But i didn't, i saw it has life. Life. Ignorance to the intricacies of life would tell me this was a "sign" a "signal from beyond" or a "message from god" and who knows what, only i know better. This was life. A short sharp insight to the wonders of the planet and the universe, and that was at 85 years old. I'm 28.
  13. I don't know if the above is true as i switched off any listening aparatus many years ago after hearing their position on homosexuality. It does have echos of the narrow minded discrimination that all sensible people tie in to views of the vaticun and its bigotry. If it has any sense of truth; here-here to the above statement.Birth control is within our capacity, we suffer gripes of an ever increasing population-a lot of which is due to ill advice of religion nut job figure heads such as the pope. A truely mental institution.
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