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  1. Hi Bluebird,the builders yard was to the right of the pub looking at it from Attercliffe Rd.The cinema that ended up as a skating rink was just past Newall Rd on the right going towards Sheffield.
  2. I worked for Marcrofts,A roofing firm opposite The Carbrook Hall pub.The chap I mated was a bloke called Sid Shaw who lived on Bradford St.Every morning we would set off from carbook and go to Sids house for breakfast.Sids wife was a lovely woman who cooked us a bacon and egg breakfast while also getting about 5 kids off to school.The ex landlord of the Carbrook Hall also worked at Marcrofts ,Jim Davis.Also the man who owned Marcrofts opened a skating rink somewhere near Broughton Lane and also converted the old cinema further up Attercliffe into a rink.Some of the other lads who worked at Marcrofts were Ron Cashmore who lived up near banners and Billy Partoon who lived at carbrook,this would be just after the big gales we had in the 60,s
  3. You have my sympathy lacey.I had problems with my neighbour from hell,things happened to my property that you would not believe and noise problems that use to start at 3 o'clock in the morning loud music etc.Their kids had every thing that was illegal,motor scooters that they rode up and down the footpaths and these kids were 7years old.Believe me when you have listenend to a two stroke scooter engine being reved up for hours on end you are glad to hear rap music.I did not find the council much good because they could never catch them so in the end I moved.
  4. Cost me £2.00 to park at N/G today thats after trawling round for a vacant spot.There must be thousands of pounds collected everyday at this hospital.Does anybody know where all this money disappears to.
  5. Most of Dial House and Oakland rd WMC,s patrons worked at either Marshalls or Dysons.My brother-in-law Bob/Vic Taylor worked at Marshalls and like many of his workmates he had one or two fingertips missing due to working on the brick machines.I once went for a job at Carblocks which was situated on the same site as Marshalls but everbody was coated in black dust and it did,nt look to healthy to me.
  6. Like FYTC recommends get everything in writing and research your builders,30,000 is a lot of money.Do not end up with no builder and a half done extension.
  7. Sorry to be a spoilsport but is this legal,really interested as I have shares in 02/telefonica.
  8. Most of the businesses that people on the forum want existed in Hillsborough and on Infirmary Rd before the tram planted itsself on us.There were pubs that must have been profitable none have ever shut down,and shops very rarely became vacant.We had a swimming baths a decent sized Woolies,betting shops and newsagents,banks ,you could buy anything on that stretch of road all in walking distance of Hillsboro corner.Then came the tram and sadly despite all the promises from different organisations as to the future of Hillsborough we have ended up with a dump that seems to be sinking lower every week.
  9. Arranged to tip some furniture at Greasborough tip with Rotherham council.Gave them my hired vans reg and make and would you believe it the colour of the van.Because it was bereavement house clearing I was allowed 3 trips to the tip without charge,fair enough.Got to tip and waited at the barrier for some body to come and open it,Three staff stood looking at me and van from a distance with no attempt to come across and open the gate so I did it myself,Oh deary me ,I was then told when I drove onto the site I was not allowed to open that gate,Then followed a 15 minute phone call to Rotherham council to verify who and what I was and what I was being allowed to tip.At last I was deemed suitable to deposit rubbish into their skips and all three of them stood watching me in case I put mdf into the wood skip and making sure tiny bits of wood with bits of metal on it went into the metal skip.Anybody would think I was tipping radio actve waste.
  10. The biggest culprits are schoolchildren,at Worrall they troop down from Bradfield School at dinnertime buy buns etc from the only shop in the village sit on a wall, eat and then chuck the packaging on the footpaths then proceed back to school.Why don't the litter wardens target these kids and get a few fines dished out.
  11. Is it me or does anybody else get the impression that when visiting Onyx dumpit sites the staff look upon the public as some sort of unwelcome visitor.I have recently had the need to dispose of junk at Herries Rd,Deepcar and Greasborough and the staff are all clones of one another,It takes them all the time to speak if you ask which skip this or that should go but put something in the wrong skip and they jump on you like a pack of wolves.Is it me.
  12. Give Hutchinsons a try ,they are on the one way system at Malin Bridge.I had my car checked by them after hitting a kerbstone,They could have told me allsorts and I would not have been any the wiser.They gave the car the all clear after a thorough inspection and a road test and only charged me £10.00.They were recommended by a mate and have got a very good reputation .
  13. Its a shame that a lot of these programs are full of promise and never come to fruition.All the people that are employed on these projects are on short term contracts and I think they look upon it as easy money.Look at Burngreave or Pits moor Millions promised to rejuvenate the area,can anybody see any difference to the place Is anybody really bothered.
  14. Hi, my daughter is using aol on a free trail,i have since read on other forums that aol have not got a good name ,could someone clarify please.
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